OTORO Robata Grill & Sushi Review - Uniqueness in Every Bite

There is nothing quite like finishing a meal and having it completely blow your taste buds away and leaving you wishing you were still hungry. OTORO Robata Grill & Sushi at The Mirage Hotel & Casino is that experience from start to finish. OTORO leaves you wanting more and with such a vast menu there is always seemingly more for you to experience.

OTORO (Courtesy MGM Grand)

To be truthful, with all of the well-known chefs and restaurants on the Las Vegas strip, OTORO might not be a restaurant that you have crossed paths with. That would be a huge mistake. Sometimes the best restaurants are the hidden gems, the ones that fly under the radar and that is exactly what OTORO is. Executive Chef Fernando Sposato has created a menu that gives you all of the sushi and sashimi that you have grown accustomed to, but then he took his creative genius and put flavors together and created dishes that are truly memorable.

The Mirage - Otoro - Robata Grill - Anthony Mair

While freshly prepared nigiri and sashimi is fabulous, the true stars of this menu are the specialty rolls. The "Hana" roll is simply about as creative of a roll as you will find as it combines spicy yellowtail, uni, apple and basil. Do not use soy sauce or add anything to this, each bite is flavor perfection. The yellowtail in every dish at OTORO is extremely fresh and tender and the four distinct flavors all mesh together nicely leaving you with a sense of each one with every bite.

Hana Roll

The Robata lamb chop, if there is one thing on the menu that I would implore you to order, that would be it. The chop is flavored flawlessly, but it is the chop itself that is pure perfection. A slight char on the exterior to give it a great grilled flavor, but it is that first bite. So delicate and tender you truly could not cook it any better. Often a misstep with lamb, either over or undercooked, when it is done just right each bite is just a joy. "The Rock" is another fabulous dish that is not only fun for the table, but it is also perfect if you love steak. You are greeted with a stone that is heated to 800 degrees and it is served with ever so thinly sliced marinated sirloin. The sirloin is so beautiful it could be served as a carpaccio, but this is more fun. You take a piece of the sirloin and using your chopsticks you put it on the stone for just a few seconds, flip and repeat and you have sirloin heaven. You are served with a serving so plentiful the entire table can get a chance to try and taste "The Rock". Lastly out of the numerous seafood dishes, the seared black cod is the best one on the menu. The cod gives you a sous vide feel to it as it is so light and flaky and then the miso glaze gives it a very complimentary sweetness that permeates throughout the cod.

Robata lamb chop

"The Rock"

OTORO, as with everything else you will experience, has a very unique cocktail and dessert menu. The OTORO Tea is their take on the Long Island Ice tea and to give you a hint of how strong it is, it breathes smoke when it pours! While strong, it is still one fabulous cocktail as they bring together rum, tequila, vodka, sweet and fresh lemon sour and then it is finished off with Lejay Cassis. To finish off your OTORO experience the only way to go is with the "Pineapple Snow". It begins with the presentation of the dessert coming in a copper pineapple and then filling that with pineapple upside down cake and shaved pineapple ice. But with everything else here that might be nice, but OTORO takes it to another world be adding a vanilla sauce that your pour over the entire dessert. If you like pineapple at all, you will truly love this.


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