Michael Mina’s BARDOT Brasserie Restaurant Review – Going Beyond Your Typical French Fare

Sometimes if you do a little exploring in life you are greatly rewarded. If you are familiar with the ARIA Resort & Casino, you know you can often be thrown into a trance by the beauty of the casino floor and the embarrassment of riches when it comes to restaurants. The second level of ARIA holds several treats, including Michael Mina's BARDOT Brasserie. A restaurant so beautiful with a menu to match, it deserves to be the centerpiece of ARIA.

BARDOT Dining Room (Courtesy MGM)

BARDOT is home to one of the most stunning bars in all of Las Vegas that draws you in the moment you see it. Simply one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of Las Vegas, the rich dark colors of BARDOT give it a romantic and old world feel with the subtle lighting. You can envision yourself in a vintage French film as you enjoy BARDOT.

French Onion Soup

The menu created by Executive Chef Joshua Smith is so enticing you almost forget the exquisite setting you are dining in. Chef Smith brought his vast experience to take this French menu and elevate it by putting some great twists on it. Nothing exemplifies what you are in store for more than the Escargots Bardot. It is fair to say escargots have a love/hate relationship with diners, and once you hate them you are not likely to give them another chance. To start with, Chef Smith makes sure his escargot is cleaned perfectly and is of the highest quality so you aren't getting a chewy version that you might often come across. The escargot is then served in puff pastries with hazelnuts, on a plate of crushed mushroom powder. This is just a wonderful version of escargot that gives you all of the classic flavor but with extra layers of texture and flavor.

BARDOT prime steak tartare

Escargots Bardot

When it comes to elevating a dish to a whole new level, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find anything that does that quite like the Onion Soup Gratinee at BARDOT. You can order the standard French Onion soup, but you simply would be missing out on a true delicacy if you don't order what can only be referred to as the supreme BARDOT version. Chef Smith took all of the goodness you love in a French onion soup and then added perigord truffle, braised oxtail and a soft poached egg. Your first bite will take you aback as the powerful flavors will just shock your taste buds; then, each bite after just continues to do the same as the soup is so loaded with ingredients you are never left longing for any of the ingredients. This is one to share because it so filling; if you order this solo, you might just be done for the day. Finally, when it comes to the appetizer choices, there is no finer way to quickly determine the quality of a restaurant than by the quality of the tartare. The BARDOT prime steak tartare is simply prepared perfectly with a smattering of sauce verte, and organic egg, as good a version of a tartare as you will find anywhere.

Hunter's Waffle

Heritage Chicken

When it comes to brunch, chicken and waffles have become the flavor of the day at many restaurants, but leave it to BARDOT to do something more unique and more flavorful than that with their Hunter's Waffle. Topped with duck confit, a poached egg and maltaise this dish gives you a level of richness you would not expect when you order a waffle. The duck is so tender it falls apart as you are trying to get a little of every ingredient into each bite, and the maltaise gives it a nice subtleness as opposed to using typical syrup. While you might not think of butter as something you must try, well the Beurre d'Échiré AOC butter is a butter you must try. Aptly named the "World's Best Butter", this butter is beyond rich with a hint of sweet and it so decadent you will wonder what you have been using for butter all these years. Trust me, order this and you every last bit of it on the fresh bread from BARDOT and thank me later.

BARDOT Bar (Courtesy MGM)

If you are looking to experience what the kitchen can create on the grill, at dinner you can enjoy the oak fired duroc pork chop. Marinated for seven hours in milk and then given the smoky flavor from oak grill–if you are looking for a tender and flavorful pork chop, this was made for you. To take advantage of all the flavor the oak grill has to offer, you can also try the Duck Wings À L’Orange, a unique take on duck wings topped with the maltaise sauce. Finally, for either brunch or dinner, the heritage chicken roti is one of the better chicken dishes in all of Las Vegas. Slow roasted, leaving this chicken tender and succulent, it is perfectly matched with mushroom bread pudding, creating one hearty dish.

Executive Chef Joshua Smith

Bardot French Toast (Photo Credit Kevin McCullough)

The only way to complete your meal is with the mouthwatering chocolate macaron. Far from your typical macron, this version takes up nearly the entire plate and is filled with a light and rich chocolate mousse and topped off with salted caramel.

Chocolate Macron

BARDOT tantalizes your taste buds at every turn of your dining experience, whether it is a weekend brunch or an evening out. In typical Michael Mina fashion you will be treated to not only an enticing menu, but unparalleled service and a bar that not only has a wine list to match the menu, but a creative cocktail and beer list as well. A visit to BARDOT and you will experience the love that went into both the restaurant and menu.

For more information visit: BARDOT

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