Lago by Julian Serrano - A Brunch Like No Other

Brunch has always taken on that celebratory and whimsical feel. It is a dining experience that allows adults to indulge, enjoy company and well, simply enjoy a relaxing Sunday as it was meant to be. Las Vegas certainly knows how to do brunch, but no one quite encapsulates that experience like Lago at Bellagio. Simply put, you can start with the Bellagio fountains and end with a chocolate fountain, with plenty in between.

Lago Patio (Photo Courtesy MGM Grand)

Lago brings together a number of brunch classics as well as a few fabulous items that you might not associate with brunch, but that you will appreciate on this menu. The duck and polenta is the dish to order in the opening course, as it is so delicately prepared it goes far and above the standard brunch fare. Polenta can be a tricky dish to prepare, leaving many people hesitant about whether or not they should order it. That is not a problem at Lago: the polenta is rich, cheesy and velvety, and simply about as good as you can find in Las Vegas. The finishing touch on this dish is the braised pulled duck meat, which is so tender and flavorful it would be fine on its own, but it makes this dish a true delicacy. Looking for something a little more classic brunch? Lago combined just enough egg with four petite quail eggs to compliment fresh smoked salmon that is finished off with capers and shallots.

Duck and polenta

The Italian sausage fried egg burger is one of those dishes that brings everything together that you love about breakfast in each and every bite. And, the sausage itself is spectacular and loaded with flavor, as they create it right in house giving it that extra fresh flavor. The baked calzone has a fresh, doughy crust that lives up to its “handcrafted” description: it comes to you right out of the oven and filled with ham, mozzarella, mushrooms and tomatoes. While this is a good dish, the dough simply shines through so much on this that maybe taking some of the house made Italian sausage and a different mushroom would take this calzone to another level. And, of course, who doesn’t love steak and eggs? A four ounce Angus tenderloin, with an egg and hash browns is done flawlessly and is not too much that you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of your brunch. Finally, Lago has a unique take on lasagna by incorporating a poached egg right into the dish. As you begin eating it, you will hit that egg, and the yolk explodes and you have an unexpected tasty surprise that you never would have thought would go with lasagna – but it works deliciously.

Salmon with quail eggs

The only thing left to do at this point is relax with a cocktail and enjoy the dessert bar. Lago makes it tough on you with so many amazing choices, beginning with the classic tiramisu, and offering much more, including a Nutella crespelle, fresh pastries galore and a chocolate fountain that allows you to create almost anything your heart desires. Willy Wonka would be proud.

Chocolate Fountain

Italian sausage fried egg burger

Lago has also put the world of mixology into your hands; well, sort of. Lago serves cocktails with droppers that allow you to change the flavor to your liking. If you order a Bloody Mary, you will have it served with a pickle that has three droppers jabbed into it. You will get tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce and horse radish; simply squeeze as much as you like, with no more worrying about your cocktail not being spicy enough.  For $28 you can enjoy an all-you-can drink brunch while going back and forth between a Mimosa, Bloody Mary or a Bellini (choose from mango or peach puree). The cocktail menu also features a Sicilian Gin and Tonic, which is simply amazing. Take a great gin and tonic and combine it with all of the flavor of blood orange and that is what you have and it is finished off with blood orange pearls.


Sicilian Gin & Tonic

It is tough to pair a restaurant with the beauty of the dancing Bellagio fountains, but Lago created a setting that is unlike any other restaurant in Las Vegas and really takes you away from the standard experience. From the vibrant blues that pop everywhere to the outfits worn by the staff that greets you, all the way down to the napkins, the beauty of Lago will keep your eyes wandering. Make sure you look for the hints of Milan that can be found throughout, especially the stunning lighting pieces. The dining room has floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, making sure that every Lago guest can enjoy the Bellagio fountains. For an even more up-close-and-personal view of the fountains, Lago offers an open-air with waterfront seating centered on Lake Bellagio. Lago is more than brunch, it is an experience.

Lago Dining Room (Photo Courtesy MGM Grand)

Lago is the first Italian Restaurant from award-winning chef Julian Serrano, and with that comes high expectations. Well those expectations were met in every possible way. Lago has created an unparalleled brunch experience, whether it is for that large Las Vegas gathering or just a couple’s weekend, you will love it so much you just might never want to leave as the food, service and fountains will keep you mesmerized as you finish off your weekend. 

For more information visit: Lago

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