Jalisco Cantina Review – A Fresh Mexican Cuisine Concept And A Diverse Menu

Jalisco Cantina’s 90 item menu features the diversity of the Mexican state—Pacific seafood and beef and fresh vegetables from the interior. This new restaurant recently opened at 6450 S. Durango Street in Las Vegas. 

Jalisco Cantina takes its name from the Mexican state of Jalisco which is located on the Pacific Ocean and is noted for its diverse agricultural products including the blue agave plant that is used in the manufacture of tequila.   Mexican law states that tequila can only be manufactured in the state of Jalisco and in limited regions in three other states.

Margaritas are made only from 100% agave tequila and real fruit juices Photo by Burt Davis

With this heritage it is not surprising that in addition to the fine mexican menu, Jalisco Cantina is proud of its tequila selection.  The restaurant brags that it offers 100 different tequila selections and uses only fresh juices to prepare its drinks.  Of course I sampled a few margaritas. The spicy margarita was as advertised - spicy and the top shelf margarita went down smoothly - perhaps too smoothly.

Shrimp Wrapped Bacon Photo by Burt Davis

I sampled and thoroughly enjoyed several of their specially prepared shrimps wrapped in bacon.

Guacamole lovers rejoice. I enjoyed all three variations of prepared guacamole - classical, crunchy with maize and chipotle, and tropical with mango and shrimps.  Their special crevice contained shrimp and lobster.

Jalisco serves many unique tacos Photo by Burt Davis

Their flavorful Tacos Los Altos, one of their specialties, are made from carne asada beef, special sauce and cheese and cilantro. I found the flavor interesting and enjoyable.

Shrimp and Mango Taco Photo by Burt Davis

Their tropical tacos which contain shrimp and mango bits had an unusual but flavorful tang.

Jalisco Cantina is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has a video poker bar for the gambling enthusiasts, but is family friendly. They have a second location at 3460 E. Sunset.  It is a place to find great, non traditional Mexican food at moderate prices. Full menus and directions to Jalisco Cantina can be found on line at Jalisco Cantina.

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