Hexx Kitchen + Bar Review - Making Sure You Remember More Than Just Chocolate

Entering Hexx Kitchen + Bar in Las Vegas it is easy to get distracted. From the world's finest chocolates to the Bellagio fountains as well as the ultimate people watching spot on the strip. While all that might keep your head spinning, as soon as the food is served that will all go away and you will be only focused on the creative and tantalizing menu.

HEXX exterior

HEXX Executive Chef Carlos Buscaglia moved to Las Vegas when he was 15 and has worked in a variety of restaurants in Las Vegas before landing at HEXX and he wasted little time putting his stamp on the new menu. Creativity and fresh flavors and plentiful on the new HEXX menu, but clearly Chef Carlos is enthralled with seafood. His assortment of chilled seafood is simply spectacular and that part of the menu has to start with the Maine Lobster. Large pieces of the tender lobster is served in a bowl with sweet corn, tomato, cucumber garden herbs and then it is all brought together with refreshing citrus flavors and it served with plantain chips. This is one of those flavorful, yet refreshing dishes that was made to eat on the outdoor patio. Other chilled seafood includes Bigeye tuna poke, shrimp ceviche and a classic shrimp cocktail.

Crab Cake

Sticking with the seafood theme, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a better crab cake than the jumbo lump version severed with a little heat from the chili aioli, but the one thing you are going to remember as much as the flavor is that there is crab galore in this dish. The crispy calamari is cooked to perfection and you are going to have to share, as the plate contains more calamari than one human can possibly eat. The calamari while having a great crunch to it while also tasting extremely fresh is really brought to life by the hot sauce and ranch combination that smothers this dish. Finally the giant scallops are seared beautifully and are so tender that it takes little effort to enjoy them. But the most interesting part of this dish has to be the bed of onion puree. Chef Carlos cooks his pork belly with onions and instead of wasting them; he purees them, which creates a subtle flavor of onion, but a lot of the fattiness and richness of the pork belly.

Maine Lobster with plantains


While Chef Carlos loves to get creative with his seafood, he is also has a seemingly endless variety of steaks including the Greg Norman Australian Prime Wagyu. Finally if you are looking for a little of both worlds, what looks to be baby gnocchi, is paired with lobster, pork belly and a lot of rich flavor to create a truly memorable dish.

Gnocchi with lobster

You might be too full for dessert at this point, but ordering the champagne shaved ice or the red velvet roll is worth it just for the pure beauty of each dessert. The champagne shaved ice is simply a dessert that says Las Vegas. The combination of the champagne ice, champagne jelly, strawberry pearls and mint creates an over-the-top, yet refreshing treat. The red velvet roll is the opposite, so rich and heavy, if you are looking for that dessert that defines the word this is it. A combination of raspberry sauce, ganache, chocolate pearls, fresh raspberries and chocolate meringue that all compliment the picture ready red velvet roll.

Champagne shaved ice

Red Velvet Roll

If you want to most decadent chocolate cocktail you are likely to ever experience, try the aptly named The HEXX. Rich and creamy, this cocktail is created using vanilla vodka, chocolate royal, almond milk, baileys and finished off with house-made chocolate syrup. To go with breakfast or brunch, one of the HEXX Bloody Mary's is a must. The Farmer's Market starts off with bacon infused gin, BMM, celery salt rim, pepper stuffed olive, bacon, cheese, celery and a lime wheel. This is about as flavorful of a Bloody Mary as you find in Las Vegas.

Attached to the restaurant is the HEXX chocolate store and while you are going to find other candy stores on the strip, HEXX, located outside of Paris Las Vegas, is the only bean-to-bar creator of chocolate in Las Vegas and everything they do in their chocolate kitchen creates the most unique chocolate flavors in all of Las Vegas. HEXX keeps it simple, their chocolate contains only two ingredients, cacao beans and organic palm sugar. HEXX needs only these ingredients because they use cacao beans sourced from the best farms located 20 degrees north and south of the equator. The HEXX chocolate, but a coffee and ice cream bar and other sweet treats for you to take home. If you aren’t sure what HEXX chocolate to purchase, just pull a chair up to the kitchen counter and take a taste of every variety to make sure find your favorite chocolate from any corner of the world.


HEXX is open 24 hours a day and has a little bit of everything. From the chocolate shop where you not only can buy chocolate, but you can watch it being made to the patio that puts you right up against the Las Vegas strip to private drape enclosed dining spots located inside of the bar. Whatever you want your experience to be, HEXX can give it to you. The view, the food, the cocktails and of course the chocolate, HEXX has it all.

For more information visit: HEXX

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