Hearthstone Restaurant Review – A Creative Masterpiece from Plate to Fork

Having the best ingredients is a start, but the ingredients are only the beginning, the tools, the chef, it all has to come together. At Hearthstone, inside the Red Rock Casino, those ingredients are turned over to Executive Chef Jordan Hoffman and he doesn't waste any part of Hearthstone as he turns each menu item into a masterpiece.

From the moment you walk into Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar by Chef Brian Massie (famous Las Vegas chef and restaurateur), you will find the attention to detail amazing. The rustic homey feel you get is designed to fit any and everyone, from a beautiful patio that has a beach ambience to comfy hangout area with couches and the more intimate dining area. Hearthstone makes guests feel at home. The level of food in Las Vegas has been raised to a majestic level, but you could put the high quality sourced ingredients at Hearthstone against any other establishment.

Butcher steak tartare,


With Hearthstone sourcing those fresh ingredients, that simply means that you are benefactor of fresh and delicious ingredients. Whether it is their fresh wild caught halibut or everything on their oyster and shellfish bar including; fresh Maine lobster and tiger shrimp, you are going to taste the difference. Chef Jordan has so many options in his kitchen he always puts his amazing ingredients to their best use by using the wood-burning ovens or he can prepare an entire suckling pig feast for your party, with some advance notice.

Black truffle hanger steak

Wild Caught Halibut

The appetizer list certainly showcases the flavors the come out of the Hearthstone kitchen. I would begin with the butcher steak tartare, which is simply the best steak tartare in Las Vegas. It begins with the butcher fresh steak, combined with just the subtle flavor of pickled vegetables then it is brought together with a soft poached egg, but the richness really pops when you place it on the thin, crispy truffle toast which creates one memorable bite. The fresh seafood is highlighted in the ceviche, featuring halibut, and the charred octopus. You are going to love the smoky flavor that the wood fired oven brings to the octopus, but that pales in comparison to how fresh and tender each bite is. If you prefer oysters, simply walk over to the oyster bar and have a look, simply picture perfect.

Meat & cheese plate or pig

The fish is seasonal at Hearthstone because they are only bringing in the freshest wild caught fish around. Currently they have a beautiful halibut on the menu, which is a lighter more delicate fish but full of flavor and Chef Jordan locks in all the moisture of the halibut creating that flaky texture, while putting an ever so light char. You could not ask for a better prepared piece of fish and being plated with the grain and legume salad provides a great compliment. Hearthstone just seems like they would be home to a great classic steak and they have a number of great options, the very tender rib cap steak, a bone-in filet mignon and for those of you who can’t get enough truffle and that means most of you, there is the black truffle hanger steak. The hanger steak is great thin cut, preferably on the rare side; it is cooked in black truffle butter and served on top of truffle aioli. If you were looking for the best way to elevate a steak, you found it here. Finally if you were pondering have the suckling pig party, but weren’t quite sure, give the rotisserie chicken a try, you will get to see just how the slow cooking Hearthstone way works its magic. Finally you might not want to think about vegetables at this point, but the wood roasted asparagus has such a great smoky flavor and crispness to it, even those who prefer not to have anything green on their plate will order this side again and again.

Wood-fired pizza

Hearthstone Bar

Among the delicacies at Hearthstone that set it apart from other restaurants is the charcuterie. If you love flavors of cured meats and some of the richest and most flavorful cheeses in the country, a few selections from the charcuterie is a great way to begin your evening and it doesn’t hurt that Hearthstone has an amazing selection of wines. Hearthstone goes beyond what you will find typically, here you are going to find duck prosciutto, venison seca to begin with on the meat side of things and then if you are looking for a cheese to throw your taste buds into a frenzy, try the over the top rich Beecher’s Flagship Reserve. Incredibly creamy yet aged long enough to take away the moisture you will find in most cheeses, leaving you with not only that rich flavor, but it beautifully lingers after you have taken your last bite. Make sure you add the truffle honey spread to the plate, by itself the name says it all by combining those two great flavors, but paired with the right cheese you attain a stunning flavor.

Hearthstone secret dessert

Hearthstone Lounge

There is just something about Hearthstone that you will feel when you walk in the door. Hearthstone is inviting and friendly to go along with servers who help in keeping up that ambience. From a handcrafted cocktail to a pizza to a fine dining experience, Hearthstone does everything right. While it might not be on the Las Vegas strip, their setting and menu gives you an experience you won't find on the strip.

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