Harvest by Roy Ellamar - Bringing a Fresh and Ever Changing Menu to Bellagio

Bellagio Resort & Casino is simply the iconic destination on the Las Vegas strip. From the moment you approach to each step you take it delights all the senses. With that type of setting the pressure to create a new restaurant to that standards is immense. The recently opened Harvest by Roy Ellamar, with a farm to table menu and a fresh look has created a restaurant that fits perfectly in the Bellagio family.

Harvest's Bar (Photo Courtesy MGM)

"Harvest has been three years in the works, it finally came to pass. They came to me and asked me what I wanted to do and I had this loose vision of what I wanted to do with the restaurant and I put down on paper," Chef Roy said. "I was passionate about the farm to table, about knowing where the ingredients were coming from and luckily it was really well received it really resonated with management and thankful that they trust my vision."

Farmer's Salad (Photo Courtesy MGM)

That vision includes New American cuisine and seasonal menus inspired by regional farms as Chef Roy incorporates regional produce, fresh fish and the seasonal ingredients to inspire this always changing menu.

"We need to change the menu every couple of months and I am already looking at what we are going to change in a few weeks. I get anxious, I see new things come in and I want to change the menu as often to reflect that," Chef Roy said. "We'll have some signature items moving forward and they are already showing themselves, but we want to change with the seasons and what's new and what's hot as well as how we are feeling."

Slow Roasted Porchetta (Photo Courtesy MGM)

You are going to find the Harvest’s signature farmer’s salad that will change weekly based on what ingredients present themselves. The Harvest’s Snack Wagon goes from table to table allowing you to enjoy small and innovative delights. From jars of Smoked Salmon Belly Dip and Broccoli Raab Pesto, to raw offerings such as Harris Ranch Hangar Steak matched with an unexpected oyster aioli, and warm savory small plates like Pork Belly paired with pickled apple and braised radish, this American take on dim sum showcases Chef Ellamar’s specialty creations of the day. Chef Roy all makes sure to not only provide the freshest fish in Las Vegas, but also giving you a daily new flavor.

"We list a fish of the day, we bring in a different fish every day, we work with a company that works with the fish docks we know the fisherman, the boat and time it was landed, it is just super fresh, like today we have some steelhead trout, we just are always talking with the docks and see what is coming in and we build the menu around that. As a chef it keeps me sharp to come up with new things daily."

Chef Roy Ellamar

"I like the rotisserie chicken, there is nothing better than a nicely roasted chicken. It is brined overnight in CraftHaus beer a local brewery, then smoked it and then finished off in the rotisserie serve a half chicken but roast it whole. Moving forward we also want to try different items in the rotisserie."

Harvest also offers premium cuts of meat such as Grilled Pork Cheek paired with sweet roasted apple puree and seasoned apple kimchee; Cocoa Rubbed Lamb with red pepper chimichurri and roasted garlic eggplant; and all-natural, grass-fed beef raised in the Painted Hills of Oregon.

In keeping with the vision of Chef Roy, Bellagio Mixologist Ricardo Murcia and Director of Wine Jason Smith created a beverage program that mirrors Harvest’s sustainable and timely menu. The cocktail, wine and beer menus use regionally sourced ingredients and present innovative libations. Jason created an extensive list of nearly 350 selections, including regionally produced wines as well as wines from the great regions throughout the world. Ricardo was responsible for the rare craft beers, including a unique collection of Samuel Adams ‘Utopias,’ barley wine brews made by The Boston Beer Company.
Harvest will offer a Carbonated Cocktail of the Day with Ricardo and Chef Roy collaborating on an exclusive cocktail of the day to complement the menu specials. These cocktails, such as the carbonated Margarita with pomegranate-infused Herradura Double Reposado tequila, Chinese bitters and five-spice syrup, are carbonated in-house and change daily. There will also be a choice of Farmer’s Market Cocktails and Harvest Specialty Cocktails.

"Everybody is really enjoying Harvest, the guests are really receptive and it is different for the strip, the sort of restaurant you will find in other major food cities," Chef Roy said. "They have been excited for it, not only the food but also the decor and service, just the overall package."

Harvest looks to quickly become a favorite of not only Bellagio, but with Chef Roy always creating in his kitchen and sharing something new on the menu it will be a restaurant worth visiting no matter where you are staying in Las Vegas.

For more information visit: Harvest

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