Harvest by Roy Ellamar Restaurant Review - Seasonality and Flavor at Its Finest

Executive Chef Roy Ellamar appropriately named his new restaurant Harvest, located inside of Bellagio Resort & Casino. The name fits with the concept of Chef Roy harvesting the freshest local ingredients, creating for you a menu that allows all that freshness to come through with every bite of the extraordinarily creative Harvest menu.


In a day when people often question what they are eating or where it came from, Chef Roy has a menu that takes you to each singular place that his ingredients have been sourced from. From the ranch that his grass fed beef comes from or buying fish from a company that works with fishermen at the docks, everything down to the produce is based on freshness and seasonality and Chef Roy builds his menu around those ingredients.

Clam Chowder

Grilled Squid

Your evening at Harvest begins with a choice of social plates. Although these are meant for sharing, you are likely to find your favorite and with all of these glorious flavors, you are not going to want to pass these dishes along. The Manila clam chowder is as good as any chowder you will find on the eastern seaboard with all of the richness and creaminess you expect from chowder. This version however, Chef Roy added a fabulous twist. In the middle of the chowder bowl is a mini crab cake, perfectly crisp, clearly put in at the last moment of plating, and bursting with fresh and tender crab. Forget the sourdough; once you have a crab cake with chowder, this will be the only way you will ever want to eat it again. To continue with the freshness of the seafood that Chef procures, you can go with a shellfish tower that will aptly satisfy the entire table, oysters on the half shell, sashimi of the day or the other favorite on the menu, grilled squid. The final delicacy you must treat yourself to is the Duck Confit Buns. The tender duck combined with the foie gras provides and unparalleled richness that is complimented nicely with a hint of red onion jam.

Duck Confit Buns

While amazing appetizers abound at Harvest, Chef Roy added a tasty twist to give guests some smaller bites to begin their evening with his snack wagon. The snack wagon travels throughout the restaurant and allows guests to choose from smaller bites such as, Kalbi filet mignon, spicy steak tartare or Hawaiian poke. This provides instant gratification and at seven dollars apiece, these servings are one of the best deals in Las Vegas. At the end of the evening you are in for another treat as the dessert snack wagon will venture through the restaurant providing you with some sweet treats to complete the evening.

Braised Lamb Shank

Chef Roy works with grass fed and finished Angus from Painted Hills, Oregon. If you have not tried grass fed beef before this is the place to do it, you are going to be amazed by the difference. One glance and you will see the beautiful coloring and then each bite will not only be tender but also full of more flavor than any typical steak you might find in Las Vegas. The most popular dish at Harvest might surprise you; it is the rotisserie cooked half-chicken. You will quickly find out why it is so popular after you take a bite. You not only get moistness, but the hint of smokiness and the flavor from the CraftHaus beer that it is brined in overnight. We saved the best for last and after what has been on the menu so far that is saying something. One of the best dishes in all of Las Vegas is the braised lamb shank. The lamb comes from Superior Farms in California and comes to you upon a bed of grits. Not being a fan of grits what amazed me about this dish was how addicting the grits were, silky smooth and the perfect vessel for the lamb shank that was fall apart tender. This was a memorable dish to say the least.

Rotisserie Roasted Half Chicken

Hangar Steak

The farro porridge is aimed at the vegetarian, but you will love this dish vegetarian or not. A fantastic earthy and rich flavor resonates from the foraged wild mushrooms, black truffles and it is finished off with slow cooked farm egg.

The cocktails, beer and wine also speak to the theme as the restaurant with regionally produced wines and rare craft beers. The creativity of the cocktail menu is simply amazing, bringing to you some fabulous and unique cocktails. The porthole infusion jar allows the flavor to become powerful and also creates a shareable drink. The one that really brings flavors together is the Strawberry-Lemongrass Infusion, bringing together strawberries, mandarin, lemongrass and more to take Absolut Elyx Vodka to a whole new experience. 

One amazing meal prepared by one of the best chefs in Las Vegas in a vibrant and beautiful restaurant and impeccable service, what more could you ask for? Well one of the true treats of Harvest is getting an up close and personal view of Chef Roy and his staff cooking through the glassed kitchen that allows you a view from every angle. Seeing the attention to detail and the care that is taken with each plate makes you appreciate Harvest just that much more.

Strawberry-Lemongrass Infusion

Ingredients are only the beginning, it comes down to what you do with those ingredients and Chef Roy puts his creativity on display with the Harvest menu. Replacing Sensi with his new Harvest was clearly a work of love and art and makes for the perfect venue to show off the skills of one of the best chefs in all of Las Vegas.

For more information visit: Harvest

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