Double Barrel Roadhouse Restaurant Review – Bringing the South to the Las Vegas Strip

The creation of the plaza experience in front of the Monte Carlo has introduced visitors to a unique and beautiful setting with the addition of several new shops and restaurants to enhance your Las Vegas vacation. It will take a passerby just one turn of the head to realize what the centerpiece of the plaza is, the Double Barrel Roadhouse. The music, the smoky aromas percolating from the restaurant and the beautiful design say it all.

Double Barrel Main Bar (Photo courtesy of Double Barrel)

The Double Barrel is definitely more than an eatery; this energetic restaurant makes sure that the experience itself tries to keep pace with the authentic Southern menu. The front of the Double Barrel allows you to enjoy all that is the Las Vegas strip and once inside the food and cocktails will take you deep in to the south and that is just the beginning. The Double Barrel features live music, they have a DJ booth and a staff that from the “DB girls” on down that will make sure your experience is memorable in the 12,000 square foot beautiful indoor-outdoor restaurant.

BBQ Beef Brisket

The menu is full of dishes that you can taste the slow cooked flavor that allows the meat to absorb all that woodiness while keeping it so tender it just melts in your mouth. The barbeque beef brisket comes out to you served in thinly cut slices of meat that have been slow cooked to a smoky and tender perfection and lathered in the Double Barrel barbeque sauce. Authenticity continues on the menu with the St. Louis smoked ribs and Samy Boy’s barbeque chicken. Finally one of my personal favorite dishes is a wood-grilled Atlantic salmon fillet, if you are looking for something a little lighter and have never had a this version of salmon you are in for a treat.

Barrel Fried Chicken

If you are a burger aficionado, Las Vegas has grown into your kind of town. The burger battle is in full force, from the wide ranging and glorious meats that make up burgers to the toppings that will leave you gasping for air as your burger becomes more and more loaded.  The Double Barrel has a new entry into this burger war with their Stacked BBQ Burger. This mouth-watering burger is composed of an Angus patty topped with brisket then complimented with tobacco onions, bread and butter pickles, aged cheddar and North Carolina barbeque sauce. The meat alone between the Angus and tender brisket creates a memorable burger, but the barbeque sauce that perfectly pays homage to North Carolina with the rich flavor that has just a hint of sweetness that is cut down by what must be the perfect amount of vinegar in the recipe.

Double Barrel Snack Tower

The Double Barrel Snack Tower and a few cocktails might just do you in before you get to the main course. The tower allows you to choose five different appetizers, giving you a chance to share and take in the flavors of the Double Barrel. Generally steering clear of the traditional oyster, I was intrigued by the bbq baked oysters and I was not disappointed. The great wood flavor from the grill comes through loudly the oyster and paired with just a touch of barbeque sauce and apple wood smoked bacon makes this a really flavorful bite. The kickin’ ahi tuna lettuce wraps might not look like a fit with this menu but the great flavor would be a match for any dining experience. The flawlessly prepared ahi tuna has a little spice to it and then is complimented with a great crunch from the crispy jicama. The wings are simply as good as you will find on the Las Vegas strip and finally order the bbq pork quesadilla, this gives you an opportunity to taste the great pulled pork.

Mac n' Cheese

In keeping with the Southern theme, the Double Barrel has put together a cocktail menu that is inspired by the region. The drink that will get any night off to a good start is the Double Barrel Spiked Ice Tea, a Southern peach version of the Long Island Iced Tea that is finished off with Jack Daniels. What better way to cool off from the Las Vegas heat than with adult lemonade? The Blue Orchid is the perfect version of that with the combination of Bacardi Dragon Berry and lemonade, if you like a sweet cocktail, this was made for you. The Double Barrel will also serves up handcrafted, homemade wine coolers including blackberry and summer sangria that are made in-house and served in Mason jars.

Blackberry Wine Cooler

The Double Barrel comes from the mind of sbe, one of the countries leaders in the restaurant, nightclub and hotel industry and once again they come up with a winner. Las Vegas never ceases to amaze, just when you think you might have seen it all, out comes a true Southern experience that brings you the food, flavor and fun that is the South and puts in right in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

Double Barrel Roadhouse

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