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D.O.C.G. Restaurant Review – Unique Flavors with Las Vegas Flair

By Stephan Martin

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D.O.C.G. by Scott Conant could not have asked for a more fitting location than The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. A marriage created in a very hip and trendy heaven, D.O.C.G. created a restaurant that epitomizes what a trip to Las Vegas is all about, a laid back and fun atmosphere while also serving up creative world-class food.

D.O.C.G. was created to serve as a casual alternative to Scarpetta, which has a Los Angeles location as well as making its Las Vegas home right next to D.O.C.G. in The Cosmopolitan. While the atmosphere is certainly more laid back than Scarpetta, the food will leave you feeling anything but casual.

Italian in concept, D.O.C.G. works a little magic in its menu to make sure you will find plenty of unique twists and turns. The pasta portion of the menu is a great place to start when it comes to seeing the creativity and unusual flavors that D.O.C.G. has to offer that you are not likely to find in any other Italian restaurant. Coming across duck and rabbit under the pasta section might take you aback a little, but without question, these are two of the most flavorful and interesting dishes on the menu.

The braised duck is served in a pici pasta, a truly robust and flavorful dish. The duck is served in pieces and each bite of duck you will find to be tender and moist. The duck is served in a stunning black truffle sauce and pairing it with the pici pasta really makes this dish a winner. The pici pasta is a very thick, hand rolled pasta that is incredibly fresh but it is that thickness and heartiness that is great match for the rich flavor of the duck. The rabbit ravioli (note: the rabbit ravioli has been replaced with an oxtail ravioli for the new summer/fall menu) is on the opposite end of the taste spectrum, a very light dish with more subtle flavors. The pasta in the ravioli you will also find very fresh and you will appreciate how it is crafted and the rabbit provides a unique flavor that borders that of a chicken, but has a very slight sense of sweetness and it also gives you just a hint of gaminess that you won’t find in chicken. If you have never tried rabbit before this a fabulous dish to indulge. Finally if you love seafood, pass on the fish and give the Scialatielli a try. Another fabulous pasta dish, this one is filled with lobster and shrimp. You literally can not take a bite of this dish without finding some tender and moist lobster and fish and you get to enjoy it with some of the amazing D.O.C.G pasta, this time a shorter version of fettuccine.

Truffle and Mushroom Pizza

If you love or even just like pizza, the one thing you can’t leave without trying at D.O.C.G. is their wood fired pizza. A treat for the guests is this beautiful pizza oven is right in the back of the kitchen in plain sight so you get an almost fireplace feeling to the view and you are able to enjoy watching your pizza get made nearly right in front of you. Not on the current written menu but you can ask for it, and you clearly should, is the seasonal truffle and mushroom pizza. The flavors of the mushrooms and cheese make for a wonderful pizza, but what makes this the best pizza in Las Vegas is when you combine those flavors and then have truffles shaved directly on top of the pizza. The freshness of the truffles really creates an intensity of flavor that you aren’t going to find in any other pizza and you still can taste the undertones of the fresh mushrooms and cheese. There are a number of other flavorful pizzas on the menu, but the other pizza of note has to be “The D.O.C.G. Pizza” which is topped with fonduta, egg and truffles. D.O.C.G. will become your go-to spot in Las Vegas when it comes to pizza between the incredible ingredients and the baking of the crust using the high heat of the oven which allows the pizza to bake in a mere 90 seconds. Despite the rapid baking style, this makes for a wonderful crust that is crisp but not overcooked.

Lardo Wrapped Prawns

Grilled Filone, Duck Egg and Fonduta

The only problem with D.O.C.G. is how are you going to manage to eat all of this amazing food. That is just the main course, you can’t pass up on some of the tasty appetizers that are on the menu, you might just have to share these with the rest of your table to save room for dinner. For a pure rich and indulgent dish, the Grilled Filone stands alone. A fonduta cheese sauce that surrounds a duck egg, you get an incredibly thick and rich flavor that is enhanced as you break open the yolk of the egg. For just pure unadulterated flavor, this dish is a can't miss! Octopus is one dish that is very hit-and-miss and D.O.C.G. is one of the few restaurants that made it enjoyable. The octopus was very tender and what made it even more special was the smoky flavor that it gave off.

Grilled Octopus

There is only one way to finish your meal at D.O.C.G. and that is with an espresso and the Caramel Budino. This creative dessert takes you taste buds through the gamant of tastes. Make sure you start at the bottom of the dish and get a little bit of everything as you will find a sweet and salty combination as you make your way through the homemade vanilla cream, caramel and salted whipped cream. The toffee bits that are on the plate make this creation even more tantalizing. A glorious way to end your evening.

Caramel Budino

If you are looking for a dining experience that says Las Vegas, D.O.C.G. will leave you that lasting memory that you want to take with you when you leave Las Vegas.  The pasta and pizza will leave their impression on your taste buds, but the venue and the atmosphere will stimulate the recesses of your mind and they will make you long for your next trip to Las Vegas.

For more information on D.O.C.G. by Scott Conant, visit: http://www.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com/taste/restaurant-collection/d-o-c-g.aspx/

Published on Aug 05, 2012

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