Clique Lounge – Taking Center Stage at the Cosmopolitan this Winter

The long lines, the big ads and the aura they have created make the big nightclubs appear the place to be when you visit Las Vegas. One visit to a giant and impersonal nightclub will leave you longing for more. That more is the recently opened Clique Lounge at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas experience is meant to be unique and memorable, but also one to enjoy with friends and allow you to interact with anyone and everyone. Clique brings that level of nightlife to you. They begin with music that passes through multitudes of generations, while making sure that every song has an energy to get people moving while also conjure up memories of songs that everyone seems to know the words to as opposed an overindulged and overhyped DJ playing the same thumping track that sounds like every other DJ in Las Vegas. The soundtrack to Clique is only the beginning, you have impeccable and more personalized service. You still have the ability to have a reserved and private couch or just come in with a group of friends at the end of the night and enjoy some amazing cocktails and dancing. Clique offers everything to everyone while still providing you that long lost art of being able to converse with your fellow Clique guests. Clique also fits in perfectly with the Cosmopolitan with gorgeous stylings of Alessandro Munge, from Studio Munge who created this beautiful lounge.

Clique brought fresh press to the menu and did it in a fabulous way! The two cocktails "Green Machine" and "Fresh Pressed" taste nothing like the typical fresh pressed juice you might be begin your day with. Clique has brought together a mixture of flavors to create what are simply refreshing and tasty cocktails. The "Green Machine" is made with either 50 Bleu Vodka or Sapphire East Gin along with cucumber, celery, spinach and lemon. Gin is the way to go with this cocktail and if you were ever looking for a way to feel good about drinking, these are the two cocktails that do just that. The rest of the cocktail menu is just as creative, bring fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporating them into a variety of flavorful cocktails. The "Blackbeard's Delight" is another one that you must try, centered around Bulleit Bourbon and complimented with ginger beer, mint, blackberry and lemon to create one of the more flavorful cocktials you will find anywhere in Las Vegas.

To take your an experience to another level, Clique offers table side mixology, not only creating fabulous cocktails, but also a truly memorable performance from the Clique mixologists. You can choose from barrel smoked, table infused, caramelized which featurs the "Smokey Monkey Cocktail" that includes banana infused Jameson Irish Whiskey. If you just came from dinner the floats are perfect and who could not love the completely adult "Not Your Father's Root Beer Float." Clique also takes food to a level unlike any other lounge thanks to the culinary genius of Chef Brian Massie who created a wide-ranging menu savory bites and sharable plates, including high-end street tacos, an array of sliders and salads.

"We are extremely thrilled to partner with The Cosmopolitan on this venture," Clique Hospitality Founder Andy Masi said. "I think this is a concept that Las Vegas has been waiting for."

Andy Masi, Brian Massie and Shane Monaco are three names that are synonymous when it comes to nightlife and dining experiences in Las Vegas. Andy is the former Light Group founder and CEO, which literally changed the way the Las Vegas strip is scene and enjoyed over the past decade. Brian opened such Las Vegas favorites as STACK Restaurant & Bar, Diablo’s, Red Square, Citizens and Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, Libre. Shane could be found opening such luminary spots as; Yellowtail along with a number of new Light Group venues at Mandalay Bay, Red Rock Resort and Casino along with a Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant and Bar in Los Angeles.

Enjoying Clique

If you are looking for a truly memorable Las Vegas experience that will be unlike the typical nightlife bore, Clique Lounge is the spot to enjoy cocktails and music until the sun comes up.

The Green Machine

A boutique hospitality company, Clique specializes in upscale comfortable dining that sets trends, rather than following them. Hearthstone, the company’s first project that specializes in rustic American fare, reinvigorated Las Vegas’ Red Rock Resort and Casino, bringing in a more contemporary clientele with its worldly flavors. With eight restaurants and lounges in the pipeline in Nevada and California, Clique is transcending hospitality through service and operations, unabashed cuisine, appeasing design and unrivaled desire. For more information, visit: Clique

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