Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar Review – A Flavorful Twist on Mexican Cuisine

When it comes to Mexican cuisine across the United States, a few things have disappeared: flavor, creativity and authenticity. If you have been searching for these things, then you can be saved by Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar at The LINQ and the extraordinary menu from Executive Chef Ernesto Zendejas.

Chayo Upstairs Patio

Chayo proves that there is more to Mexican food than tacos; you can taste the sense of love and thoughtfulness in this menu. It’s so many little things you might not even be aware of when you dine at Chayo. It all begins with Chayo pulling their own chicken, after it spends ten hours marinating, and continues with the fact that they make handmade corn tortillas right upstairs in the restaurant.

Executive Chef Ernesto Zendejas

Once you get to the menu you will quickly find out that Chef Ernesto has a love for creating dishes that will take you through multiple flavors. For starters, the guacamole is not your typical fare; you are going to find pomegranate seeds on top to give it a nice textural contrast while also providing just a hint of sweetness–a great twist on the same old boring guacamole everyone else seems to prepare. You are served pork rinds with the guacamole, another great change as they provide a different flavor and texture from chips, and they absorb the guacamole and become one with the pork rind. Tortilla soup has become a standard on the menu of Mexican restaurants, and Chayo has their own outstanding version, but I would suggest the cilantro cream soup. Rich and creamy, this soup has a hint of cilantro however the cream and serrano peppers are the heroes in this powerfully flavorful soup, and once again, Chef Ernesto came up with a surprising but perfect compliment: toasted pine nuts.

Guacamole with pork rinds

Chayo Upstairs Patio

The diverse menu at Chayo also includes what very likely could be the best deal in all of Las Vegas when it comes to a high end menu. The de la tierra comes with large portions of New York strip steak, pork tenderloin and chorizo, along with three sides. When I say large sides, this extravaganza could pretty handily feed four people. And, the quality of the meat is simply amazing. If you are looking for something to share among friends, start off with the guacamole, move onto the de la tierra and mix in a few Chayo cocktails, and you will all leave happy. You can do the seafood version, which features scallops, prawns and a fresh seasonal fish, for only ten dollars more.

De la tierra

Lobster Tacos

Want your own perfect tacos? Choose beer battered fish or lobster delivered to your table with all the accompaniments for you to build your own creation. Just don't skimp on the rich, spicy chipotle mayo! If you are looking for some incredibly tender meat, the slow roasted beef short rib and ribeye both are tender, juicy and full of the flavor that Chef Ernesto has infused into the cooking process of the meat. Finally, even a hamburger at Chayo is anything but simple. The manchego burger comes with refried beans, the incredibly rich manchego cheese, guacamole and, forget the ketchup, this burger reaches the flavor limit with the chipotle mayo topping.

When it comes to your dining experience Chayo ingeniously presents you with really three experiences to choose from. You can dine outside and take in the view of the new LINQ and all it has to offer; you can dine inside the bar, catch a game on the tv and enjoy a more casual sitting; or, you can dine a little further back in the restaurant for a more private and intimate dining experience. You are also soon going to get to experience the rooftop dining experience that provides a beautiful overview of the LINQ.

The Chayo Bull

Walking into Chayo you can’t help but notice the huge mechanical bull in the middle of the restaurant – and it isn’t just for show.  Once it gets later into the night, Chayo allows guests the chance to ride the mechanical bull. No need to worry about never having done it before, and don’t be afraid of being tossed from the bull the minute it starts. Chayo has one of the most experienced mechanical bull handlers around;if you want a great experience, he has the ability to maneuver it to make sure you feel like a rodeo expert.

The mechanical bull is not the only fun at nighttime at Chayo. The 14,000 square foot restaurant does a transformation from the amazing dining experience it offers during the day and evening into a memorable party scene. Chayo has a DJ spinning, a dance floor and a wide selection of tequila to help you celebrate all of the festivities. You still have the ability to order a few selections off of the Chayo menu as well.

If you are tired of the typical Mexican fare and you are looking for excitement, not only in your food but your restaurant as well, Chayo is here. It doesn’t matter if you visit Chayo for lunch or if you stay for the late night bull-riding and party, you will quickly discover that Chayo is as much about the experience as it is the restaurant.

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