Carbone Las Vegas Restaurant Review - Taking You Back to a Time When Dining Was More Than Dinner

Finding a great meal in Las Vegas isn't too much of a challenge, finding an experience to go with that meal can be. The recently opened Carbone at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas does exactly that in glorious fashion. A reservation at Carbone not only treats you to a brilliant Italian menu, but a dining experience like no one else can offer you in all of Las Vegas.

Blue Room (Courtesy MGM Grand)

Carbone begins with a menu filled with classic Italian-American that is created using world-class-sourced ingredients, bringing you the flavor that was made famous in New York. In terms of Italian food in Las Vegas, you can put Carbone against all comers, but the restaurant itself sets it apart. When you enter Carbone you will immediately feel as though you are taken back in time to a different era, one where you might find the Rat Pack huddled in a corner booth, where guests came dressed to the nines and the staff was as stylish and classy as the guests.

Red Room (Courtesy MGM Grand)

The classic style and creative experience of taking you through a multitude of rooms comes from the creative mind of San Francisco-based designer Ken Fulk. The blue and red room each provides classic designs to give you a vibe like no other in Las Vegas. The red room is centered on the stunning floor-to-ceiling Murano Glass Crystal Chandelier while the blue room has walls composed of tiles from New York subway stations, a vintage mahogany bar just to get you started. To go with such a special setting you need service to match and Carbone offers up the finest in that area with what they refer to as "Captains." You are made to feel as though you are the only person in the restaurant from the moment you are taken to your table and from there you are taken care of always in first-class fashion and treated to tableside presentations. The biggest tip you can get heading into Carbone, let the Captain steer the ship when it comes to choices off of the menu.

The experience is one-of-a-kind, but as much as you love the experience, the food is equally as memorable. Carbone wasted little time setting the bar extremely high when it comes to Italian dining in Las Vegas.  You begin your meal with some bread and the sharpest and most rich parmesan cheese that gets your taste buds flowing. If you liked that parmesan you have to order the mozzarella and prosciutto plate. Freshly made the day of your visit, you have not had mozzarella until you have had this velvety smooth version and pairing it with the tasty assortment of prosciutto makes this the perfect Italian appetizer.


Nothing says Italy quite like branzino and Carbone does this quite well. The whole branzino version is grilled with the skin reaching a nice smoky and slightly crisp texture while keeping the interior flawlessly moist. Delicate and not overpowering, if you like a subtle yet tasty fish, the branzino gives you that true Mediterranean taste.

Spicy Rigatoni Vodka

Veal Parmesan (Courtesy MGM Grand)

The menu continues to bleed Italian with with such classic dishes as; Spicy Rigatoni Vodka, Veal Parmesan, Lasagna Verde and the meatballs that you won't see on the menu but are certainly worth asking about. The Spicy Rigatoni is a must if for other reason than to taste the perfect pasta that is created in the Carbone kitchen. The spicy vodka sauce is rich and creamy with just a hint of spiciness that is married beautifully to the handmade rigatoni. Literally from the pasta to the seafood and steaks as well as the succulent double lamb chops, there is not an entree that misses.


To go with the vinatage atmosphere, Carbone has created a classic cocktail menu that will leave you wanting to try each creative drink that the Carbone bartenders pour. The stinger is made with Armagnac, muddled mint and a tasty vanilla-infused maple syrup, slightly sweet but a drink that will let you know it's there. You can also try a Mai Tai or your choice of drinks from the rum cart, including the Appleton 50-year rum. Of course Carbone also has a seemingly endless wine list to pair with any dish on the menu. Finally to go with dessert Carbone brings you out a complimentary serving of their limoncello, stong, sweet and 100% Italian, this is the perfect way to end the evening with one of the fantastic desserts.

Carrot Cake

No horrible Italian accents are needed at Carbone, but they will magically whisk you back to the day that made so many Italian movies famous and you get thrown in a soundtrack of music that fits that era. If you are looking for that one memorable night out with an authentic Italian menu, Carbone is it.

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