Bobby’s Burger Palace Review – Moderate Prices & High Quality on The Las Vegas Strip


Chef Bobby Flay opened his 18th Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP) January 29, 2014 on the Las Vegas Strip.  The restaurant offers a variety of flavorful burgers and sides in a casual atmosphere.

Bobby's Burger Palace's entrance is right on the Las Vegas Strip

 When I first heard of the restaurant which is adjacent to City Center’s luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I thought that Vegas was about to get another high end celebrity chef inspired burger eatery.  I was wrong.

The interior is colorful and inviting

 The 149 seat restaurant conveys a relaxed yet convivial atmosphere.  It is emblazoned with the fiery red, bold yellow and vibrant green hues that Bobby Flay is noted for.  Pricing indicates that this is not an expensive high end restaurant.  There are no items on the menu over $10 - a rarity on The Strip.

Bobby Flay said he loves to create new burgers

 Bobbie Flay was on hand and spoke briefly at the opening about BBP’s menu and his concepts of a good hamburger joint.  He said that he is basically a burger guy and although he owns high end restaurants such as The Mesa Grill, he likes to create new burgers.  Burgers are an American concept.  He believes that a good burger should have a contrast of flavors and feel.  For that reason he developed the concept of a “crunchified burger” which is made by adding thin potato chips on the burger’s bun.

The Brunch Burger includes Fried Egg, Smoked Bacon and American Cheese

 Flay has developed a variety of burgers reflecting his travels in different parts of the USA.  As example, the LA burger contains avocado, watercress, cheddar cheese and tomato while the New Mexico burger is embellished with Queso sauce, roasted green chilies, and red onions.  Any of the burgers can be ordered made from ground certified Angus beef, ground turkey, or whole chicken breast.

The Philadelphia Burger includes Provolone Cheese, Griddled Onions, and Hot Peppers Photo by Ben Fink

  I consumed for literary sake a Philadelphia and Brunch Burger - crunchified of course.  The Philadelphia burger is modeled after the well-known Philly cheesesteak and had provolone cheese, grilled onions and hot peppers.  What a unique flavor.  The brunch burger had a fried egg, bacon and American cheese added.  The egg added great flavor to the combo as the yolk broke.

Bobby's Burger Palace offers French Fries, Sweet Potato Fried, Beer Battered Onion Rings or a combination order

 Bobbie told the media assembled for the opening day press conference that a good burger should be complemented with good sides.  I sampled their fried onion rings, potatoes and sweet potatoes ($5 for a two side combo) just to verify that they were indeed high quality.  BBP serves up ten different milk shakes which are handmade and contain 11 ounces of ice cream ($6.50)  Spiked milkshakes are also on the menu.

Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow cut the official opening ribbon

 Any major opening in Las Vegas requires a special ceremony.  Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow was there to help in the official opening ribbon cutting and present Bobby with the key to Clark County.

Las Vegas Mayor Caroline Goodman was on hand for the Grand Opening

   Las Vegas Mayor Caroline Goodman presented Bobby with a key to Las Vegas and the appropriate proclamations.

Customers lined up outside to be among the first to sample the BBP menu items

The overall restaurant design and location at 3750 Las Vegas Blvd South were developed to take advantage of the foot traffic on The Strip.

The menu is posted on the wall

   Customers enter the restaurant order from the menu, and take a seat in the restaurant.  Their food will be delivered by a waiter.

The beverage menu includes a choice of frozen cactus pear margarita frozen mesa margarita

 The basic menu also includes a variety of salads and grilled cheese combos.  BBP also serves up two types of frozen margaritas ($9) for the thirsty tourists walking past the store.

Bobby's Burger Palace is continually modifying its menu.  As example, it features a burger of the month—February is Canadian Burger month. The burger consists of white Cheddar Cheese, Canadian Bacon, and Maple Mustard Sauce.

 The food at Bobby’s Burger Palace  is tasty, well presented, and reasonably priced.  Check it out.

Photos by Burt Davis unless otherwise noted.

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