ARIA Resort & Casino March Menus – A Tasting Sensation

ARIA Resort & Casino has given you the opportunity to not only enjoy some of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas, but they have enticed their chefs to make it a little more special. For the month of March you will find Signature Tasting Menus that will focus and seasonal ingredients for spring.

Executive Chef Sven Mede has created a “Surf & Turf” menu for AMERICAN FISH by Michael Mina that includes some of the most decadent flavor combinations you will find in all of Las Vegas. Your menu begins with a Thai Beef & Lobster Carpaccio or a Dungeness Crab “BLT” and continues with choices of delicate Diver Scallops and Foie Gras, New Bedford Mussels & Chorizo, a masterful Grilled Kobe Flat Iron and Miso-Glazed Monkfish or a Sea Salt-Baked Langoustine & Pork Belly. Dessert is highlighted by a decadent Valrhona Chocolate Custard with red velvet cake and cocoa nib ice cream. Amazingly AMERICAN FISH is offering this for $85.

Diver Scallops and Foie Gras

If you are looking for that one dish that you will be longing for when you leave Las Vegas the Diver Scallops and Foie Gras is that dish. The fresh Maine scallops are seared flawlessly in a cast iron skillet and the flavor sensation begins as each bite of scallop if paired with exquisite foie gras and then to give you a nice slight sweetness you are given an accompaniment of blue corn pancakes, blueberries and syrup. Allow yourself to enjoy this dish slowly and make sure each bite gets a little of very flavor to truly enjoy this masterpiece.

Asparagus in crepes with capers and hollandaise at American Fish

For a really interesting experience try one of the Sea Salt-Baked dishes, as this method locks in all of the moisture and lets the dish have a natural flavoring from salt. The Langoustine is a great way to try this but if you want to try something other than tasting menu, try the Salt-Baked Dry Aged Prime Rib. The prime rib is encased in the sea salt and brought to your table in just this manner so you can visually enjoy this experience. The salt is then broken off of the prime rib so you can see this glorious piece of meat, then it is taken back in the kitchen and prepared for you and your partner. This is the first time I have seen prime rib cooked in this manner, again you will be pleasantly surprised by the moistness and tenderness that remains when finished cooking, while the natural flavoring from the sea salt has made its way through the entire prime rib. A nice compliment to this or any dish on the menu asparagus wrapped in crepes with capers and hollandaise sauce. This was recently added to the menu by Chef Mede as he wanted to incorporate the fresh and in-season aspargus and got very creative and tasty with this version.


AMERICAN FISH is a truly beautiful restaurant and one of the enticing things about dining here is that they have an open kitchen. Make sure when you make a reservation that you ask for a table close to the window, it is a real treat to watch all of the different cooking methods and how the food is transformed into the artistic piece that comes out on your plate.

Pasta with truffles at Sirio

For a truly authentic Italian dining experience take in the creativity of Executive Chef Vicenza Scarmiglia at Sirio Ristorante . Here you will find the rich flavors of Tuscany on Your Vegas Spring Break. Chef Scarmiglia has put together a five-course menu that will let your taste buds think they have made the trip over to Tuscany. The night begins with a salad like no other with a Maine Lobster salad with artichokes, asparagus and avocado. Next up you jump right into the hand made pasta as you are served the Potato & Gorgonzola Cheese-filled Ravioli topped with roasted pear puree and Nero D’Avola syrup made of red wine grapes. Continue teasing your taste buds with a mouthwatering Dover Sole Fillet & Spinach in brick crust and a tantalizing Pan Roasted Lamb Porterhouse with a rhubarb demi-glaze.  Finish the meal with a decadent dessert trio of Baba, a small yeast cake soaked in rum and filled with a pastry cream, exotic fruit minestrone and a Pabana sorbet. Once again you will be hard pressed to find anything like this in Las Vegas for $89. If you want a little extra treat after dinner, avoid the cappuccino, although it is fabulous, and go for the cello. Chef Scarmiglia to my knowledge is the only chef who makes his own homemade cello, and trust me you can taste it.


Cello shots at Sirio

Don’t be scared off by the fact that Jean Georges Steakhouse Executive Chef Robert Moore has centered his five-course on broccoli. In fact, his menu is so full of other flavors; you might just forget that it is broccoli-centric. Chef Moore took the risk of celebrating the nutrient-enriched vegetable instead of trying to hide it. You begin your broccoli adventure with a delicious Cream of Broccoli soup. Next you are given a salad that takes the flavorful Shiitake mushroom and pairs it with the yellow-green Romanesco Broccoli. This is followed by a Broccoli and Stinging Nettle Risotto and Chef Moore’s take on “Beef and Broccoli.” The name “Beef and Broccoli” surely sounds familiar but this dish does not taste anything like the dish you are used to eating, as this is prepared with grilled filet mignon and then it is drizzled in a sweet orange glaze. Definitely the gourmet “Beef and Broccoli,” but don’t be made if you find yourself not being able to eat this anywhere but Jean Georges Steakhouse. While the orange glaze was sweet, you still need a real dessert and the signature JG Candy Bar is a perfect finish to this dining experience. You can have this dining experience for $95.

If you are looking for a dining experience that will take you into the mind of a great chef, the March Tasting Menus at ARIA are a fabulous choice. Let the chefs do all of the work of deciding what dishes to pick and what flavors to create and you just enjoy the food.

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