Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review - The Restaurant That Will Make You Forget About Las Vegas

Las Vegas has become the food capitol of the United States, more greats chefs and restaurants than one visitor can enjoy. The Las Vegas strip has come to become the preeminent location but when it comes to a steakhouse a visit off the strip to Andiron Steak & Sea will show you that there is more to fine dining than the 4.2 miles that make up the strip.

Andiron Interior (Courtesy Blau Photos)

A little unassuming in location, Andiron is located across the street from the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa and at Downtown Summerlin. Once inside what restaurateurs Elizabeth Blau and Kim Canteenwalla created is anything but unassuming. Andiron is a breathtaking, stylish and modern steakhouse that really sets itself apart from anything in Las Vegas and is the perfect restaurant to visit if you are staying in Summerlin and well worth the short drive if you are staying in Las Vegas.

Tomahawk for two (Courtesy Blau Photos)

The steaks are without question the focal point of Andiron's with a menu that offers the best of the best steaks, regardless of the cut that you prefer. The mouthwatering selection includes; prime dry aged rib eye, Black Canyon Ranch filet, rib cap, prime angus flatiron, prime New York strip and the Creekstone Farms cowboy rib eye. While these are all just fabulous cuts of steak, the flavor is really allowed to flourish by the fact that they are all cooked over an apricot wood burning grill. That slight char and woodiness that encompasses the steaks really lock in the juices and flavor and anything above a medium-rare preparation would not allow you to fully enjoy these steaks.


The quality of the ingredients is really what sets the Andiron menu apart from others. You can see and taste it in the steaks but you are also going to find roasted organic chicken, a Wagyu burger and locally sourced and fresh vegetables. The asparagus is prepared to perfection on the wood fired grill and then it is paired with a flavorful romesco sauce. The crispy Brussels sprouts are pan fried which gives them a slightly crunchy texture on the outside while the interior is soft and moist and radiating with the flavor of the maple chili glaze that gives it a little sweet and heat flavor to it.

Crispy Brussels sprouts

It is certainly difficult to pass on a steak at Andiron but the best dish in the entire restaurant would have to be the whole branzino. Grilling the branzino in this fashion allows you to enjoy all of the tenderness of this fish that has a unique slight sweetness to it that is complimented nicely by the fennel and capers. You also can't go wrong with the large plate of caramelized day boat scallops that is paired with a wonderful butternut squash risotto that is so light and fluffy you would be quite content eating that all by itself.

Mac & Cheese Waffle

The saying goes "save the best for last". Which after all of the glorious creations that come up of Andiron kitchen you must be saying what could be left? The comfort food of all-time is mac & cheese and just when you think you've seen it all Andiron decides you haven't. Andiron created the mac & cheese waffle to take this dish to a whole new level. They combine white cheddar, gruyère and grated parmesan with the pasta, put it in a waffle maker, that comes to you in a cheesy and crispy waffle and then you top it with a wonderful cheese sauce. If you think you have had the ultimate in mac & cheese, unless you have been to Andiron, you haven't.

Andiron Exterior (Courtesy Blau Photos)

While the Las Vegas strip and the steakhouse have become synonymous in recent years, sometimes it is that little hidden gem that might be a little off the beaten path that will really wow you. Andiron is just that place to wow you. From the moment you walk into this stunning restaurant until your last bite, you will realize that you have found your new favorite steakhouse.

For more information visit: Andiron Steak & Sea

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