Union Restaurant Review - Aging Steak the Way You Like It

The “steakhouse” has become so popular in Las Vegas that you don't have to walk far in any casino to find a nice one. Nice was not enough for Union, located in Aria, as they take steak to another level, and the flavor—along with the flair—of the restaurant itself will make for a memorable evening.

Salmon Carpaccio

It did not take long for Union to become the hit of the newly-opened Aria, whether it is the overflowing bar or the scores of people trying to get a table to dine. The Light Group managed to outdo themselves again with their latest stunner as the design that was put together by Adam Tihany has Vegas written all over it, and it is a head turner for everyone that passes by.

Two-Pound Maine Lobster

A visit to Vegas without a juicy steak just would not be a complete visit. The moment you take a bite of a Union steak, you will taste the difference: it comes from a wood burning stove. They are few and far between, so you can really experiencing a steak prepared that way. Not only does the steak have an outdoor, natural wood flavor to it, but I would have to say that cooking it this way allows you to experience more of the natural flavor of the steak. And, when you are eating a high-end, quality steak, you do not want anything to get in the way of the flavor. Union also does a great job when it comes to variety. To start with, they offer wet and dry aged steaks, along with prime bone-in and bone-out steaks, as well as prime natural beef. There is no doubt you will find the piece of beef that you are looking for at Union.

Union has put together two marvelous packages that will give you the best of all worlds. First, they offer a chef’s nightly tasting menu, which is very reasonably priced, allowing you to run the entire gambit of the menu. You get to pick three tantalizing appetizers, choosing from a nice assortment; then you follow that up with the ultimate surf and turf, side dishes and of course, dessert, which is an assortment of signature pastries.

King Crab and Jalapeno Tacos

If you are looking for less variety but just an enormous amount of food, the “Ultimate” Surf & Turf is for you. A 44-ounce porterhouse steak is paired with a two-pound lobster to give you the best combination in Las Vegas—and to make sure you get full. You also get two side dishes. Whether you order the lobster with the steak or by itself, you will not be disappointed. Not only is this lobster king-size, but unlike many restaurants, Union gives you the meaty claw of the lobster and then finishes it off with a great stuffing. Don’t for a minute think the stuffing is just for show; this Ritz-cracker based stuffing is filled with even more lobster pieces, and is, hands down, the best stuffing you will find in a lobster.

The standard version of carpaccio in most restaurants is the beef version, which Union does serve. Union may have created a new standard though, with its salmon carpaccio. I would have to say that this flavorful dish will delight anyone’s taste buds, including those of you who might not generally enjoy salmon or raw fish. An excellent way to begin your meal, this is very light and does not overpower you with that typical overpowering taste that comes with most salmon.

If you are looking for something on the hot end of appetizers, or just a great item to order while you are at the beautiful Union bar, the Crispy Duck is a marvelous choice. As with the salmon carpaccio, Union was able to take the duck and turn it into a tasty appetizer that should not leave you fearful of trying it just because it’s duck. The duck is succulent, moist and tender, and to give you a “crunch,” they took the duck skin, made it into strips and added it into the duck meat. Next they add sauce, throw it all into a warm tortilla and voilà: you have yourself one very original taco. Make sure you do use the hoisin sauce; it really adds a robust flavor that completes the dish. If you have any doubts on either dish, just ask your server. They do a tremendous job of walking you through each dish.

Union Signature Crispy Duck

Don’t feel as though you must sit down for dinner to enjoy Union. The bar is a party all by itself and is spacious enough to fit almost any size group. I would suggest you slide up to the bar and order a “Berry-licious” with a side of Mac & Cheese. The “Berry-licious” is a martini that is so tasty you are likely to lose count of how many you have had by the time the night is done. The Mac & Cheese is just a decadent dish, filled with four cheeses and then tossed in a cast iron pan to finish it off with a little crispy topping, this dish is becoming very popular among finer restaurants, but I would have a hard time finding a better version than the one that Union serves.

"Berry-licious" Martini

One of the great ways to experience Union is with a group of friends. You will be left with a night to remember, along with a fantastic meal. You can start off your evening with a cocktail at the bar, which is always buzzing with people, and then you can head over to the dining area. You have the choice of being in the back of Union and making your party a little more private, or getting closer to the action of the casino and taking in the atmosphere—and some very interesting people watching. If you visit Union, you are assured a beautiful restaurant, beautiful food and beautiful people.

Tuna Tartare

For more information on Union, visit: www.lightgroup.com/dining/union-restaurant-las-vegas

For more information on the Light Group, visit: www.lightgroup.com

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