Top of the World Review - Tops in Las Vegas in Dining and Scenery

Las Vegas is becoming as well known for its fine restaurants as it is for its gambling and entertainment in recent years. Top of the World located in the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, sets itself apart from every other restaurant by combining the ultimate view of Las Vegas to go along with and exquisite menu that will leave you wondering what was better, the food or the magnificent scenery.

The Beautiful Stratosphere

In terms of atmosphere, view, and ambience you won't find anything like Top of the World in Las Vegas, and you would be hard pressed to find something similar anywhere in the world. The restaurant revolves 360 degrees in one hour and 20 minutes and there is nothing better than the view at night as you circle around Las Vegas and witness the spectacular view and all of the lights. Top of the World also has arranged the seating so perfectly that everyone has a spectacular view, there is not a bad seat in the restaurant, you sit a little back in one of the booths facing out towards glass or you can sit at a table were you are able to look directly down.

Poached Main Lobster Salad

Top of the World has an extensive menu that will provide you with the finest in certified angus beef, rack of lamb, along with a variety of seafood and poultry dishes. Now lets be honest you can have a great steak at a lot of places and I will tell you if you stick with something ordinary you will be missing out on some of the fabulous dishes that come out of Chef Stephen Wolff’s kitchen.

Kobe Beef Medallion with Beluga Lentil

Wolff has worked in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years and has spent the last 13 in Las Vegas. Wolff is clearly at the top of his game putting together some amazing combinations, with his entrees will taking your taste buds to a new level of excitement.

Executive Chef Stephen Wolff

The salmon wrapped with procuitto is placed over caramelized pears, really puts salmon in an entirely new class. Even if you don’t like salmon, I would suggest trying this, as the mixture of flavors leaves you with very little salmon taste and will leave you wondering how that amazing dish was put together.

Salmon Wrapped with Procuitto

The best dish on the menu and one of the finest dishes I have ever tried was the duck ravioli topped with seared foi gras with truffle leak sauce. As with the salmon, the amazing part of the dish is that you don’t really know its duck, the flavor combinations are put together in such a way that they all blend perfectly in your palette.

Top of the World also offers three and four course dinners made especially for couples, this allows for a great shared dining experience.

As you are enjoying the view and the food, not to be forgotten is the amazing service. Top of the World has as fine of a wait staff as you will find, taking care of your every need, they are very knowledgeable of the food and are adept at helping you make the perfect wine choice to pair with your entree.

If you are looking for the perfect way to see Las Vegas or just what could be the ultimate in romantic settings, Top of the World is a must visit next time you are in town.

A romantic evening

Next time you are in Las Vegas make sure you call (702) 380-7711 for reservations.
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