Terzetto Restaurant Review - Branding Your Steak with an M

Terzetto at the M Resort in Las Vegas has the Marnell signature all over its menu, making sure that the high quality that is associated with the Marnell name was carried over to your dining experience.

26-ounce ribeye

All steaks are not created equal, that could be the motto at Terzetto. Once again the Marnell name is at the forefront as the Terzetto menu has beef that comes directly from the Marnell family’s Double Fork Ranch in Montana. You can get a New York sirloin, a monstrous 26 ounce ribeye, a porterhouse or filet mignon that originates from the Double Fork Ranch. You will find most steakhouses in Las Vegas serve a high-quality piece of beef, but the ribeye at Terzetto really is a thing of beauty. The meat is tender and succulent and you really can tell that it is really cared for, providing you with the finest steaks you will find in Las Vegas.

Blackened Day Boat Scallops

Any style of steak at Terzetto is going to provide you a great meal, but if you are looking for a way to push your taste buds into overdrive, the blackened day boat scallops are a must. The scallops are prepared with succotash, edamame and passion fruit. The scallops are grilled to perfection, but it is the blending of all the ingredients on the plate that takes you through a flurry of flavors, sweet to salty and finally leaving with you a just enough heat to make you break a sweat. Terzetto also offers a number of other seafood dishes as well as chicken and lamb.

The breathtaking view from the Terzetto

Terzetto has a great appetizer menu to get your meal started, it seems to have more variety to it than what you are going to find at other steakhouses. My personal favorite has always been beef carpaccio and Terzetto does not disappoint. Served up to perfection, the shaved truffles that top off the carpaccio really gives it that extra edge that sets it apart from other restaurants. The other item that I would suggest would be the crab cakes. A crisp but not too thick or overwhelming crust allows you to really enjoy this flavorful dish. One more item on the menu that is worth a mention and it would work as an appetizer or with your main course, and that is the tater tots. Don't confuse these with the tater tots you make at home, they are similar in name only. First off they are huge, you are not going to pop one in your mouth, but then again you wouldn't want to. You really need to savor the bacon and cheese mixture that is wrapped in a crispy potato coating, a great combination.

Crab Cakes

Terzetto is not just your typical steakhouse, as you enter the restaurant to the right you will find the Oyster Bar. A great setting that puts you up close and personal with the chefs while being able to enjoy the menu of Terzetto while also providing you an assortment of oysters, soups, stews and pan favorites to enjoy.

Bella Rumore

If you take away the fabulous food, there is the stunning music of Bella Rumore that will keep you coming back just to enjoy their violins. This all girl group puts their violins to the songs of Nirvana, Chicago, Led Zeppelin and many more. Whether you come to Terzetto for dinner, stop by the Oyster Bar or just go to the bar for a drink, you need to make the trip to hear the magical violins of Bella Rumore.

Beef Carpaccio

Executive chef Michael Demars moved to Terzetto from another M restaurant, Veloce Cibo. He made some great changes to the menu and the kitchen as a whole, to ensure that no matter what you order and what night you come, you will get the same outstanding food. While Demars raised the level of the food and kitched, the service at Terzetto is as top notch as it is throughout the resort. The staff really knows the menu and they do a wonderful job of making you feel like you are the most important person in Terzetto that evening.

Terzetto is also a great place to dine if you are looking for the best value for your dollar. Check the resort or the website and you can often find specials and when it comes to drinks you won't find a better deal on martinis than you will at Terzetto. You will also find some great wines at even better prices including the Marnell line of wines.

For more information on Terzetto and the M Resort, visit: www.themresort.com or call (702) 797-1000

For more information on Bella Rumore, visit: www.bellarumore.com


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