Strip House Review - The Best Steak on the Strip

“A meal fit for a King,” is a well known and often stated phrase that the Strip House in Las Vegas could use as its slogan, as they overwhelm you with incredible service and even better food.

If the first item of note in a review of a restaurant is an appetizer, that should be a huge clue for you to make sure to give it a try.  The Garlic Bread In Gorgonzola Cheese is so rich and flavorful, as you're drinking your red wine to compliment it, you might feel as if it's a main course!

New York Strip Steak

This being a steak house, you might feel that steak is mandatory.  If steak is what you are looking for, the boneless rib eye is a can’t miss item. Well known executive chef John Schenk works his magic with all of his steaks, giving them a perfect blend of flavor to accent the meat, while not overpowering it, thus allowing you to enjoy all of the natural taste the meat has to offer.

Black Truffle Creamed Spinach

If you are looking for more than a steak, no need to worry as the Strip House has quite a few items on the menu that will make you forget about steak. The lobster is always Maine fresh and you will get more lobster than you think could be contained on one plate. There are a few other high quality seafood dishes on the menu, but the dish not to miss is the Colorado Lamb Rack. Made with a white bean stew and coming in a dijon bread crumb coating, Schenk does wonders with this dish.

The Strip House offers a number of side dishes that you could not go wrong with, but I have to say that if you like spinach (and even if you don’t like spinach), you must try the Black Truffle Creamed Spinach. If you like spinach, this is likely to become your favorite dish.  If you don’t like spinach, it will give you a new appreciation for the vegetable, as the creamy black truffle sauce is so full of flavor that it will leave your taste buds longing to taste this dish again days after. The other dish you must try is the Goose Fat Potatoes, for which the Strip House is famous for.  Eating the Goose Fat Potatoes would have to be compared to opening a box of fine chocolates, taking your favorite one out and biting into the rich, crunchy outside and enjoying the soft, succulent interior. Somehow the Strip House manages to fry and harden the exterior, giving you almost hashbrown taste and then on the interior is the near mashed potato taste.  The blend of the two in each bite is flawless.

Goose Fat Potato

On a seasonal side, Schenk has created a Smoked Potato Soup, and I would suggest before they change the menu that you get in to give it a try. The soup is a take on classic potato soup, but as most people know, trying to find the right texture and consistency is always an issue. Not only has he magically added a soft smoky flavor to the soup without changing anything, but it is a very original take on this recipe.

To complete the experience you must give one of the Strip House’s deserts a try.  If you go with the 24-Layer Chocolate Cake, you will find it truly an experience just trying to eat it!  The description of 24-layers does not do this cake justice, it is the largest and most overwhelming desert you will ever find. It truly looks as if they took an entire cake and somehow turned it into a single piece of cake!  As big as it is, the only thing that can compare to the size is its  amazing moistness and flavor.

In addition of the over 500 different wines that General Manager Dave Gonzales has accumulated, the Strip House is currently serving the X-Rated Martini. This martini combines Christiana Vodka and X Rated Fusion Liquer giving it a pink glow that blends perfectly with the intimate background of the Strip House.

The Strip House dining room

The Strip House is perfect for an intimate and romantic dinner or to wine and dine a business associate or even to take the family for a luxurious and first-class dining experience. The Strip House did add a little wrinkle with this being Las Vegas, they added private dining services for bachelor and bachelorette parties. The Strip House has planned out the perfect menu for such a party and what better way to begin a fun-filled night in Las Vegas than to start with a flawless dinner.

For more information on the Strip House, visit: or

To make reservations call: (702) 737-5200

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