Diablo's Cantina Restaurant Review - A Taste of Mexico on the Las Vegas Strip

When you come to Las Vegas, you know you are going to have a wealth of restaurants, night clubs and fun. Diablo’s Mexican Cantina in the Monte Carlo wraps all three into this non-stop-party Mexican setting right on the Las Vegas strip.

Diablo’s offers some of the best Mexican food around, whether it is in Las Vegas or anywhere else. Diablo’s is so much more than a Mexican restaurant. As you pass by, you can’t help but notice a bar that is entertaining all by itself. Diablo's also has an upstairs with an assortment of live entertainment and dancing, depending on the night of the week. You literally could spend all day and all night here and enjoy every minute of it.

Baked Queso Fundido

Guacamole is one of the staples of Mexican cuisine, and Diablo’s homemade version is one of the biggest reasons I recommend this restaurant so highly. The rich and thick version served at Diablo's does not skimp on the avocado or the size of the serving, and you get thick and crunchy homemade tortilla chips to eat with it. The chips need to be thick to attack this guacamole. The other item I would suggest you can’t enter Diablo’s without trying is the baked queso fundido. This appetizer is a combination of cheese, chorizo and beans, and if you are looking for an indulgent dish, this is it. There is a small layer of beans on the bottom of the dish, which is topped with a flavorful and spicy chorizo that is blended into the thickest layer of cheese you will ever come across, and that is baked to a nice toasty level. Take a few chips and dig in; it’s so good you might just decide to make a meal out of it.


I found that the best way to enjoy Diablo’s is to just get a bunch of dishes that the entire table can agree upon, put them in the middle of the table and dig in. The portions on all of the dishes are so huge that you aren’t very likely to eat one by yourself, so share it and experience a few more of the great dishes at Diablo’s.

If you are looking for a great authentic Mexican dinner that gives it all to you, the carne asada steak is perfect for you. The carne asada steak is a very thin, lean and flavorful piece of meat, and comes paired with the Diablo house rice and beans to round out the meal. If you are looking for a dinner dish, or something that could be shared, or just a great way to start off your meal as an appetizer, the “Stuffed Quesadillas” are a marvelous choice. They don’t call them stuffed for nothing, as whatever your preference is, steak, shrimp, chicken or cheese, the ingredients are oozing out the sides and the tortilla is just as packed as it could possibly be. Don’t think you have to be hungry for Mexican food to come to Diablo’s, as they offer a great assortment of alternatives if you are the only one in the group not craving that south of the border flavor. Diablo’s offers you salmon, ribs, chicken, burgers, shrimp and a meal in itself in what they call the “ultimate baked potato.” The chicken is an amazing dish, they slow cook it for several hours on an open wood grill, so tender and flavorful you will leave wishing you could cook chicken like that.

Tender Chicken

To finish off the evening there is only one choice, but you better have a few people with you; that is the “Ultimate Banana Split.” This desert is like an expedition! There is layer after layer of sweetness, and you never seem to be quite sure what your next bite is going to bring you.

Sinful Vixen

This is a great spot if you are with a group of people for any occasion. The assortment of drinks alone will keep you coming back, and the great part is that you can order certain drinks by the glass or you can get a pitcher so the entire table can partake. Diablo's of course has a wide variety of tequilas that are used to make some classic margarita drinks. Diablo's also has a number of great original drinks that are mixed with ingredients other than tequila. The Sinful Vixen is a great drink with fresh raspberries mixed with Stoli and Cassis, a great drink for a hot Vegas night. I would suggest getting the pitcher as the Sinful Vixen is a fruitful and smooth flowing drink that goes down so easily you will be ordering more than one.

Diablo's Cantina

Once you have finished dining at Diablo's, make sure to visit the upstairs, where the real fun begins. From live bands, to dancing or if you just want a great party, this great spot that overlooks the strip is a fabulous place to spend the night. If you are tired of the typical Las Vegas club scene this is a great change of pace as you might find a great band playing one night and the next you just get some rocking music to go along with an amazing atmosphere.

If you are looking for anything from a family dinner to a night out with friends, Diablo's gives you exactly what you are looking for. The casual and laid back party atmosphere that Diablo's provides will entice you to come back again and again. Make sure this is on your list of things not to miss on your next trip to Las Vegas.

For more information on Diablo's Mexican Cantina, visit: http://www.montecarlo.com/restaurants/restaurants_diablos.aspx

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