China Grill Review - An Unmatched Asian Taste

China Grill at Mandalay Bay has what is referred to as an Asian-infused menu. After eating at the China Grill I think you can simply call it a flavor-infused menu, with taste overflowing from every dish. 

There are those few occasions when you taste something, you close your eyes and you just let the flavor overwhelm you because it is so good you don’t want any of your other senses to interfere with your taste buds. The Kobe beef tartare is one of those rare dishes. The presentation of the Kobe beef tartare is almost as much of a treat as the appetizer itself. It is brought to your table so formal and elegant and then your server takes a tiny quail egg, cracks it into the Kobe beef, combines it all and then serves in on small tiny tostado shells. 

Kobe beef tartare

What would an Asian-infused restaurant in Las Vegas be without sushi? To be honest the China Grill not only serves sushi as good as you will find anywhere on the strip, but without question it is also the freshest in Vegas. I am pretty confident in that statement, as the China Grill has fresh sushi flown in on a daily basis. China Grill has a large assortment of sushi, but the one that really set itself apart would have to be the tuna oshi Napolean. This is a bit more inventive than your everyday sushi with a great combination of ingredients including; wasabi guacamole, masago, spicy mayonnaise, eel sauce with ahi tuna and crabmeat. You get a enough heat in this dish to give you a little kick but it won’t overwhelm you and all of the seafood flavors mesh well together to give it a powerful, lingering taste.

Tuna oshi Napolean

The China Grill menu is one of those menus that has way too many dishes that sound worth a try so you might think to skip over the salad portion of the menu, don’t make that mistake. The China Grill has once again taken something and made it better than you ever thought it could be. Take for example the Caesar salad. A standard and ever popular salad, but with a little twist, China Grill spiced it up, literally for an inventive taste. They roast up their own spicy cashews right in the kitchen, add some crispy wontons and flavor it with ginger aioli to give you a spicy, crunchy and truly original version of the Caesar salad you won't soon forget.

The beautiful dining room

Another memorable dish that I would urge you to try is the crispy spinach. If I could have spinach prepared like this on a daily basis I think I would turn into Popeye. The spinach is cooked in such a way that it becomes something similar to a very think potato chip. While it is crispy, it still has a light refreshing taste to it and simply put is the most spectacularly prepared spinach that I have ever had. Trust me on this one, once you try it you will keep coming back for more.

If you have never been to the China Grill the best way to go is to give the tasting menu a try. This gives you the chance to try all three of the salads, the Szechuan beef, garlic shrimp, crispy spinach and the chef’s selection on dessert. The Szechuan beef is a great dish by itself, a tender, melt in your mouth delight that you could put up against almost any steak when it comes to flavor. Don’t limit your tasting to the food, China Grill offers a flight of Sake that gives the opportunity to try three of the more special sake drinks on the menu including the star rabbit. The star rabbit is a great sake for someone trying sake for the first time or if you are looking for something a little different. This sparkling sake is infused with blueberry and it really gives you a taste that you would get from a champagne and the blueberry gives it just enough sweetness to make this a real treat. China Grill has a great assortment of drinks, from signature cocktails to over two hundred different types of wines to what has to be one of the bigger lists of sake around; you will certainly find something to your liking.

Szechuan beef

To finish off your evening you have to try the bananas in a box. It isn’t a clever name; the sautéed bananas really come in a box, a box of a caramel covered crunchy wafer. It is brought to your table and the box is cracked open by your waiter and served to you combining all of the fabulous flavors. You don’t have to be a huge fan of bananas to enjoy this dessert as it really encompasses what a dessert is supposed to be.

Bananas in a Box

China Grill offers a stunning restaurant that will give you an ideal setting for a romantic evening or a fun and sizeable spot to fit almost any party you would like to throw. Keep your eyes open as well, as the China Grill is notorious for being a haven for celebrities, on this evening I was able to catch Pittsburgh Steeler Hall-of-Fame running back Franco Harris dining a few feet away from my table.

To find out more about the China Grill in Las Vegas or one of the other locations in the United States, visit:

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