Botero Restaurant Review - Artistry on the Plates and the Walls

The Botero restaurant, located inside of Encore Las Vegas, gives you as much flavor with the setting as it provides you on the plate and each one will provide your senses with a feeling of fulfillment.

What a setting!

Botero was named after artist Fernando Botero and fittingly his artwork is placed throughout the restaurant. Botero has a very stylish and trendy setting and the beauty of the design really grabs you as you make your way through the circular dining area. Nightfall allows you a beautiful view of the pool right outside of the restaurant, between the moon and the subtle lighting, it gives you a very romantic setting. While this is a great restaurant to take a date, it is also very fitting to bring a group of friends, as you get almost a nightclub feel, which is appropriate because later in the night, right outside of the restaurant by the pool, you will see people from XS Nightclub.

Botero Painting

Botero takes on the flavors of Chef Mark LoRusso as he gives you steaks that are not just cooked the way you like, but he flavors them with his originality. He does not stop there, as the menu is filled with his unique takes on some of your favorite dishes.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Botero grabs you from the moment you sit down with a menu that will leave you asking what you should get with so many amazing choices, but the one dish that literally is prepared to perfection is the Hudson Valley Foie Gras. This is truly one of those dishes that you will want to savor as long as you can, prepared with black mission figs to go along with a balsamic glaze this dish gives you a wide range of flavors. If you are looking for the reason that taste buds were given to you, try the Hudson Valley Foie Gras.


When it comes to steak, you certainly can’t go wrong with any choice that you make at Botero, they serve up every type of steak that you could ever want and if you are looking for something truly amazing and your wallet is flush with money, the $175 Kobe Steak is a must. Botero also gives you some fantastic choices when it comes to how you would like it prepared. You can go with traditional, this would be my choice as these steaks are such high quality you don’t need to do anything else to them, pepper steak style and finally Chef LoRusso has his own chimichurri rub that gives your steak a little extra pizazz.

Kobe Short Rib

The steaks are fabulous at Botero, but look a little further down the menu for what might be a better choice and that is the Kobe Short Rib. This really is different than any other rib I have ever had, first off the kobe beef is full of flavor and it is prepared to such a tender finish that just a nudge from your for and it falls apart. The other dish on the menu that was very enjoyable was the dayboat scallops with wild mushrooms and polenta tortellini. It is always nice to find a scallop that is cooked just right and these large scallops were prepared flawlessy. Botero has a number of other seafood dishes including salmon and halibut and you can add lobster or crab to your steak for a nice surf and turf meal.

Orange Blossom Martini

The Wynn and Encore have done a fabulous job at all of their restaurants when it comes to having a spectacular wine list to go along with an original assortment of cocktails and Botero does not disappoint with what they offer up. The must-have drink on the menu has to be the Orange Blossom. This is one of those perfect mixtures of flavor, a bit sweet but not overwhelming and it will also will let you know that you drank it afterwards, as it has a little kick to it. If you are coming in out from the heat or dining outside at Botero I would suggest giving the Botero Sangria a try. This drink is very light and refreshing and will cool you down in a hurry and the combination of gold wine and crème de peche gives it a smooth flavor.

Botero Sangria

Botero also has a beautiful, but small bar that is a nice place to grab a before dinner drink, but does not provide the size to bring a group of friends to hang out for the evening. Botero also does offer lunch and has a few different items on that menu, so if you are looking to give Botero a try while keeping the price down a little, stop by for a quick bite during the day.

Dayboat scallops

For more information on Botero and Encore, visit:

The beautiful bar at Botero


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