Tiki’s Grill & Bar Review - Serving Some Tasty Aloha Spirit

When you visit Hawaii you are likely to hear of something called the Aloha Spirit. More than the phrase “Aloha,” this spirit is undefined; you could take it as welcoming, caring, almost like a family. Tourists can find themselves thousands of miles from home so finding that Aloha Spirit is special and in Waikiki it does not exist stronger anywhere than Tiki’s Grill & Bar. A view for your photo album, amazing food and of course that Aloha Spirit. 

The view from Tiki's

A revamped menu at the hands of recently hired Executive Chef Ronnie Nasuti has turned a grill and bar into something much more, a dining experience that can be compared with any on the entire island. But what has been created within Tiki’s is an environment that is for everyone. You can find large groups, romantic couples, friends, buddies throwing back some amazing Tiki’s cocktails while enjoying live music, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for it is here.

Inside of Tiki's

Chef Ronnie has certainly put his signature on this menu with an amazing assortment of dishes, but if you are coming from the mainland, there is one dish that you will never forget. It is hard to say that about an appetizer, but the calamari katsu is just that memorable. Described fittingly as being served in steak strips, this thick version of calamari is more tender and flavorful than any version you have likely tried before. When the calamari is this good it really can stand by itself, so the very light panko-crust is perfect and the blue crab and bay shrimp salsa has just a slight sense of heat and flavor to accent the calamari perfectly. Those heavily breaded and deep fried versions that you are used to should not even be mentioned in the same sentence with the Tiki’s version of calamari.


Chef Ronnie takes advantage of the fresh seafood that he has at his disposal with a menu that always incorporates what is seasonal and fresh. If you love a tender and flaky fish that the moment you take a bite of it you know it has been painstakingly prepared, the miso butterfish is the fish you must order. The fish is marinated for a lengthy time in a soy sauce allowing it to tenderize as well as absorb all of the soy, then it is roasted to a perfect finish. Eating it as is would leave you satisfied but Chef Ronnie gives it a great finishing kick with a miso hot mustard vinaigreThis is such a perfect dish that you will have a hard time ordering anything else at Tiki’s. 

Miso Butterfish

There are plenty of other directions to go with this menu, not only in terms of fish, but also with a wide assortment of flavors. If you enjoy salmon this is an enhanced version of the typical grilled salmon. Chef Ronnie is again bringing you in-depth flavor with his marinades as this time he marinades the salmon with teriyaki, the flavor really bursts throughout the salmon. Giving you a little more of the island flavor, Tiki’s has a seared mahi that has a nice macadamia nut coating to provide a slightly crunchy texture and then the dish is completed with a rich lemongrass cream sauce. Finally I would have to suggest the Beachboy seafood combo, not only does this provide you a combination of seared shrimp and scallops but what sets it apart is the risotto. Anyone who enjoys risotto knows that finding it prepared well is a challenge and Chef Ronnie does an amazing job.

Mac Nut Crusted Mahi

Beachboy Seafood Combo

At some point, no matter how fresh and flavorful the fish is while you in Waikiki, you might want a little change and Chef Ronnie has plenty of other choices for you. Who can go wrong with St. Louis style baby back ribs that are so tender they are falling off the rib and they our glazed with a lightly sweet guava barbeque sauce, quite a creative twist. For those of you who don’t like to get messy, the boneless ribs are slow cooked to a tenderness that matches the baby back version. The boneless ribs however are a little spicier with a Japanese curry spice incorporated and they are served with a wasabi potato puree. Finally if you are a vegetarian or vegan you can order Tiki’s Ratatouille Tower. Tower is an understatement as you are treated to almost every vegetable you can imagine including; grilled portabella mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant and many more.

Tropical Torch

The drink that populates Waikiki is the Mai Tai, but Tiki's has a creation that that you are going to enjoy even more, the Tropical Torch. A trio of Skyy infusions including; pineapple, wild strawberry and coconut along with peach schnapps. A great island feel that is strong enough you will feel it and the best part is that you purchase it in an amazing folk-art looking ceramic mug that you can take home. Probably the best souvenir on the island. And the drink comes to your table smoking. The rest of the cocktail menu is equally creative and you can enjoy it while taking in some of the live music that is offered at Tiki's.

A scenic view of Waikiki to go along with some of the best food on the entire island, Tiki’s is sure to provide you more than any other grill and bar experience can provide. If you want to have a Waikiki experience that will leave you with a sense of the Aloha Spirit, Tiki’s Grill & Bar is stop you must add to your to-do list.

For more information on Tiki's Grill & Bar, visit: www.tikisgrill.com


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