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Jellyfish Cocktails Unveiling Review – Hot Spot Mixology

By Amy Munice with Photos by Peter Kachergis

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Yes, Jellyfish is in the midst of Rush Street.  Yes, reviewing it early on we learned it has fabulous food and creative mixology.  In those early days in early evenings you did wonder though if Jellyfish would survive.  Because it’s upstairs nestled amidst a clothing boutique and not on street level, visitors to Rush Street might never notice its existence, was the thought.



How wonderfully surprising then to visit Jellyfish again on the night of what was then promising to be an important stop to the Cubs winning the world series to see that Jellyfish is about as happening as a place can be. 



The Cubs may have disappointed, but not Jellyfish




Check out this new list of cocktails—




And, having skipped the sushi last go ‘round to make room for the fancier hot entrees, it was pleasant to learn that “plain” sushi at Jellyfish isn’t that plain at all. 



While all good, the sashimi we sampled was a clear favorite. 

What a pleasant reminder to put Jellyfish back on our radar!

The Jellyfish menu goes far beyond sushi.   See details on the Jellyfish website and ask your server for information on their seasonal specials.




1009 Rush Street, 2nd Floor

Chicago, IL








Published on Oct 31, 2015

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