Everest Burger Review – The Peak of Goodness

Finding a restaurant that serves gluten-free, vegetarian items is hard to do so I was very pleased to learn about Everest Burger.  To investigate the special food available there, Chicago Splash Magazine journalists Barbara (me) and Leon decided to explore it’s offerings. The restaurant is open seven days a week breakfast through dinner and we decided to try lunch. Approaching the restaurant, we saw signs that said organic, home-made, local, grass-fed, hormone-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, all very interesting to me. The advertised frozen yogurt also caught my attention.


We entered the restaurant and walked around “Mt. Everest” to a comfortable booth in an attractive, cozy room.  I was amused by the notion that the foods we think of as "junk" food i.e. hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, could be reinvented as "healthy".  This would seem to be an oxymoron, but in the hands of owners Marc and Margarita Challenger (individuals concerned with the environment), you can choose healthy hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey bacon, freshly made bakery good and gluten-free items.  Amazing.


Attention is also given to  foods that are good for children, and that they will enjoy, including; smaller portions, hand-sized buns (made fresh in our bakery with the best ingredients), hot dogs that don't come from a factory but are prepared in their kitchen( so they know exactly what cuts of meat are being used), chicken fingers made fresh from free-range, hormone-free poultry, and organic french fries cooked in rice bran oil because it contains vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and is free of trans fats.


The lunch menu offered eight varieties of hamburgers in four steps. 

1. You can choose your patty: angus grass-fed beef, free-range turkey or chicken, organic, vegaan blackbeans, walnut or portobello mushroom or wild alaskan salmon.

2. Select your toppings: raw or grilled onions, sliced pickles, mayonnaise, chipolte mayonnaise, thousand island, spicuy or regular BBQ sause, teriyaki sauce and for an extra $1.00 each-kalamata olives, mushrooms, avocado, turkey bacon, free-range egg, grilled pineapple, grilled jalapenos, shredded cabbage and beets.

3. Pick your cheese: organic wisconsin mild or sharp cheddar, organic bleu cheese, organic pepper jack and Wisconsin Swiss or Feta at $1.00 each

4. Choose a freshly baked bun: delicious organic white, whole wheat white, light and bright gluten-free or dairy-free vegan.

Sweet potato fries were available as well as regular fries fried in rice bran oil.

Leon ordered a hamburger, in this case the Everest Burger.  He loved it.  It was so flavorful it needed no additional seasoning.  He really enjoyed the bun that was freshly prepared in the bakery (using organic whole wheat white flour, hormone-free eggs from free range hormone-free chickens, organic milk butter and sugar) was delicious. This comes with lettuce, tomato, onios. avodado and kalamata olives smothered with organic bleu cheese.  The blend of flavors and textures was very enjoyable.


Barbara pretty much never shares the delight of having a hamburger along with Leon.  Usually it a matter of watching Leon enjoy his.  But, the  great vegetarian burger options changed the story.  A walnut burger was the most unusual and that was the choice.  It was served on the gluten-free bun that was requested and came with lettuce, tomato, onions, and avocado, kalamata olives topped with organic bleu cheese.  What a treat.  The flavors and textures were a delight as was a shared hamburger experience.


The coffee that Leon ordered was exceptionally good and it was refilled.  We could not resist the chance to try the frozen yogurt for dessert.  The bakery also offered many tempting items and we did try some delicious chocolate gluten-free cookies, but the frozen yogurt was outstanding.  The portion was easily enough fo rtwo to share.  It is made from fresh organic yogurt prepared by a Wisconsin dairy farmer.  It is brewed with organic sugar, honey and flavorings and we agree that it is “the best-tasting frozen yogurt around”.


Several days after our lunch we were looking for a breakfast place and returned. Barbara’s gluten-free waffle topped with fresh blueberries was delicious, and hard to find.  The organic Wisconsin maple syrup was perfect and these flavors lasted a long time. 


Leon’s eggs, turkey bacon and freshly made hash browns were very good and also left a lasting wonderful flavor.  Of course, all of this was fresh, and organic.


We were happy to discover a restaurant that is casual, close, reasonable, and has the kind of foods the each of us, with different food needs, can enjoy.  WiFi is also available.


Everest Burger

91 Green Bay Road





Photos:Leon Keer

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