Elate Restaurant Brunch Review- Delectable!

Perched right on the corner of Clark and Huron, adjacent to the Felix Hotel, sits Elate, a chic and comfortable restaurant, specializing in a host of decadent appetizers and entrees that will delight a sophisticated yet comfort food loving palate.


Opened in 2009 by owners Luke Johnson and Anthony Fiore, Elate has since been the perfect place to duck into with friends on a bustling Friday night for cocktails or Sunday morning for a family brunch (complete with bottomless Mimosas, of course). Salvaged wood tables make for just the meeting place, and the soft jazz music playing in the background, some nights even played by a live band, may even make you want to get up and dance if you feel so inclined!

Chef Michael Noll

Elate's homey feel is the perfect backdrop of the comfort of the food that awaits you. Executive chef Michael Noll turns food into art, creating truly unique dishes that keep restaurant goers coming back for more! Favorites like hamburgers and pork sandwiches take on a new, gourmet form in the Elate Burger, featuring creamed leeks, apple wood smoked bacon and a side of hand cut French fries and the Confit Pork Baguette, hardly your average barbeque on a bun!

They add a new twist to an old breakfast standby in Banana Custard French Toast; melt in your mouth creaminess, perfectly offset by peanut butter crunch!

And if pizza is what you crave, Elate's take featuring smoked ham, truffle potatoes, Gouda cheese, caramelized onions and an egg sunny-side-up is just the ticket!


Best of all, each of these options is now offered on a weekday brunch menu!

Bread and Cheese Plate

Like the interior décor, Elate prides itself on an Eco-Friendly menu. Meat and eggs are locally produced and coffee is of a specialty organic blend. Perhaps most impressively is that the profits from every cocktail purchased plants a tree outside the Indian rain forest. 1,375 have been planted so far! So, go ahead! Indulge in a Ginger Fizz or two!

Elate's Beautiful and Eco Friendly Interior

You're not going to want to pass up brunch at Elate! Take my word for it!

Photos: Cindy Kurman 

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