DAVIDsTEA Review - A Glorious Menu of Scrumptious Teas


Tropicalia Tea


A class act from top to bottom. With style and grace, DAVIDsTEA offers up a glorious menu of scrumptious teas, and unique  experiences that engage every one of our senses. At DAVIDsTEA, there’s the TEA, the accessories, and the friendly fun.


Mint Julep Tea


Infused with divine flavor and aroma, rich texture, and the unpredictable. There are hundreds of varieties and categories to choose from, including special limited addition TEAs for the seasons, non-caffeinated TEAs for kids, TEAs to bake with, TEAs to infuse for cocktail-making, TEAs to help lose weight with, TEAS that give you energy or calm you down. At each location you are welcomed with warm greetings and a bar of TEA samples for the taking.

This is great fun! We received a package that contained samples of the new line of DAVIDsTEA Special Summer Collection TEAs, a clever TEA steeper that pours its contents from the bottom directly into your cup, and a gorgeous menu book. What is immediately apparent is that this is a corporation that knows how to engage with its customers through its fabulous design, innovative menus, and easy access to its customers via twitter and facebook community pages.

The exotic  flavors of DAVIDsTEA Summer Collection of TEA blends include Coconut Grove, Mint Julep, Pink Passion Fruit, Mango Fruit Punch, and Tropicalia. What’s extra special about this collection is its line of Specialty Cocktails created in tandum with Chicago’s Mixologist Tyler Fry of Violet Hour. This is a smart choice for cousins David and Herschel Segal, co-founders of DAVIDsTEA. Tyler’s specialty lies in marrying his passion for tea and herbal infusions with cocktails.


Mixologist Tyler Fry

Using our new steeper and a variety of ingredients from their easy menu recipe book, we created a bevy of titillating and sassy summer cocktails:


Sunburned Sling: Infusion of Gin, Grenadine and Tropicalia Tea with Coconut flavors
Brazilian Love Bird: A variation of a South American classic, the Caipirinha, pairing Pink Passion Fruit blend with Brazilian Cachaca
Migratory Coconut: The low calorie answer to the Pina Colada, pairing Appleton White Rum with Coconut Grove blend
Squared Julep: A stiff drink pairing Weller 107 Bourbon with Mint Julep blend
One-Two Punch
: A fruity blend pairing Tequila and Mango Fruit Punch blend


We favor the Brazilian Love Bird and the One-Two Punch for their fruity and flirty personalities. And what terrific fun to concoct!




Great style and friendly fun is at core of David Segal and cousin Herschel Segal’s approach to DAVIDsTEA. Entrepreneur David and Retail Pioneer Herschel opened their first store in 2008 in Toronto, Canada. With their friendly and engaging approach, their customers became regulars, their neighbors became friends, and DAVIDsTEA became a community fixture. Their Chicago debut in October 2012 has shown terrific success within the Chicago community, now host to three locations – Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Bucktown.

This is a must visit! Make your way to any DAVIDsTEA  location – especially while the weather is warm and while they are offering terrific summer specials. Bring the kids and enjoy the experience.


DAVIDsTEA Chicago Locations:

North Damon
1645 North Damen
Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773.697.9737

West Armitage
924 West Armitage
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 773.883.2183

North Southport
3530 North Southport
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: 773.360.1320


DAVIDsTEA Review By Shari Imbo


Photos courtesy of DAVIDsTEA


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