"Without Men" Review - “We don’t need men, but it is nice to have them around”

As part of The Latino International Film Festival and Maya Indie Film Series, Without Men made it’s special screening this past Sunday at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Directed by Argentinean director, Gabriela Tagliavini and adapted from James Cañón’s novel, Tales from the Town of Widows, Without Men stars Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, Oscar Nunez and Christian Slater.

Filled with passion, sexual politics, comedy and a storyline and theme both genders can identify with, Without Men has been a highly anticipated movie. After opening in Los Angeles at the Sunset 5 Theatre this coming Friday, it will move to New York, San Diego, San Antonio and other major cities.

Without Men takes place in a small and extremely remote Latin American town where the women are forced to take care of themselves and the town when all of the men in the town are taken away by communist guerillas. The only two males left are a young boy who dresses up as a woman as well as the town’s priest (Nunez).

Priest Rafael and Rosabla asking for some direction

Rosalba (Longoria) takes charge of the town as the mayor and takes on a bossy role. Struggling with everyday tasks and the women fearing that the town and it’s culture will soon become extinct without men, Priest Rafael (Nunez) prays to God to turn him to the right direction. Priest Rafael “is told” by God that he must be the sex vixen in the town and impregnate many of the women hoping to breed some boys. After unsuccessful attempts as impregnating the local prostitutes, young, virgin girl and those craving a little intimacy, many of the women in the town start becoming interested in the other women in the town.

Longoria and Del Castillo infamous love scene

When the machismo persona of Cleotilde (Del Castillo) comes to town, Rosalba soon develops feelings for her. After several steamy lesbian sex scenes on the part of several of the town’s women, the sexual politics of the film are very different from many other Latino films.

 Slowly emerging out of their normal supporting roles as wives and daughters to becoming part of all female utopia, when men finally return with the help of the American reporter (Slater) a battle of the sexes occurs and the difficult decision of letting men back into this already changed village.

Women of the town

While some parts of the film are slow, the performances are great and it is filled with original jokes. I am definitely glad to have seen and supported the film as well as the Latino community of actors and directors.

It was great to see a group of fun, talented Latino actors and I believe it is extremely important to support their purpose of bringing more attention to the Latino film community and arts in general.

Although the film may seem to be a feminist film, perhaps my favorite part of the quote of the movie will show you it is not.  “We don’t need men, but it is nice to have them around.”

For more information or for tickets, visit: http://www.laemmle.com/viewtheatre.php?thid=2 

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