WANDERLUST Film Review - Wonderful Laughs in Wanderlust by David Wain


Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as George and Linda in WANDERLUST

George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) are a married Manhattan couple down on their luck after George loses his corporate job and Linda loses her opportunity to sell her documentary to HBO.  They are forced to sell their claustrophobic and recently purchased New York apartment.  The hard hitting economy leaves them no choice but to move cross country to Atlanta to live with Georges major D-bag of a brother Rick, played pitch perfectly by Ken Morino.   Marino also co-wrote the screenplay with Director David Wain, who previously directed ROLE MODELS and the cult comedy classic WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER.


On their way they stumble upon an idyllic hippie community filled with an array of quirky, free-loving, welcoming and occasionally nude characters.   Initially Geroge and Linda are somewhat hesitant but they soon warm up to this care-free-hakuna-matata type life style.  But at what price?


As expected straight man Rudd and the always lovely and natural Aniston are in tip-top form as the lovable manhattan couple.   Paul Rudd shines, particulary in a scene where he address himself in a mirror, spewing macho obscenities at himself while hyping up for a possible sexual encounter.   This moment alone could bring a roaring laugh or at the very least a smile to even the most cold hearted and devoid of humor person.


Director David Wain

However, what really elevates this comedy is the solid supporting cast lead by a wonderfully tanned Justin Theroux who's excellent as the village 'hot' guy that takes a liking to Linda.  Some of the best comedic actors around surely did their thing in bringing this other wise standard comedy to life.  From improv greats like Kerri-Kenney Silver and Joe Lo Truglio of RENO 911 to Kathryn Hahn, Malin Ackerman and an extremely funny wheelchair bound Allan Alda.  There is also a surprising guest cameo in the end.


However, the story is all very predictable.  I could literally call out what was going to happen within twenty minuets of watching.  With that being said I emphasize once more that because the performances were so freakin' funny the predictable journey was worthwhile.


Produced by Judd Apatow, the man behind mega hits like SUPERBAD and KNOCKED UP.  So, naturally, in true Apatow style this film does not shy away from the raunch and is rated R for a reason.  Laced with plenty of sexual humor and situations, curse words galore and my personal favorite - male frontal nudity.


Truthfully there isn't anything extraordinarily new or innovative about this comedy but the fact that I consistently laughed out loud every couple of minutes makes me highly recommend this movie.  Four stars and a thumb way up!


Paul Rudd, Jordan Peele and Kerri-Kenney Silver in a scene from WANDERLUST


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