Vigilante Diaries - a New Graphic Novel-Inspired Action Comedy Series starring Jason Mewes

Vigilante Diaries is a new graphic novel-inspired action comedy series starring Jason Mewes—exclusively on Chill:

Vigilante Diaries

Plot Outline

Documentary filmmaker Michael Hanover (Mewes) turns his camera to the dark world of vigilante justice. Documenting the lives of “The Vigilante “and his lethal sidekick “ The Kid”, he finds himself unexpectedly thrust into the middle of the story he is trying to tell. Taking down drug lords, mafia kingpins and getting some action from “the twins”, Hanover must learn to survive in this dark new world. With a heavy dose of blood, gore, sex and gamer style first-person shooter action sequences, Vigilante Diaries will have you on the edge of your seat.

Jessica Uberuaga plays Jason's love interest "Red".  The series also stars Paul Sloan as "The Vigilante", Kevin L Walker as "The Kid", and Jacqueline Lord as "Jade". The show is directed by Christian Sesma.  

Here is a link to some press on Jessica Uberuaga and the show:


Here is a Variety article:

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