A Beverly Hills Christmas on UP TV

IN approximately 70 million households UP TV is a popular network know for presenting uplifting programming and thus got the name "UP TV" is having a special premier of the new family movie "A Beverly Hills Christmas" the week of November 1-7 2015. 

the foxworth home

Beverly Hills Christmas is a cross between the classic movies "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Scrooge"

The special aspect of this feel good movie is that there was an all intense rally with strong support by a plethora of friends and family members to get A Beverly Hills Christmas produced and ready in time for the holidays 2015. 

 The overall passion from friends and family had much to do with the positive message in the movie and a meaning of whats good and right in life.  

BHC was shoot at a real soup kitchen in Hollywood at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church where academy

John Savage

nominated John Savage played MR. Winters, a homeless man who almost dies. The movie teaches what is really valuable in life with the help of angels and lessons on what is important by always having hope, faith and belief. 

Guided by Arch Angel Gabriel

(Dean Cain), Angelina (Donna Spangler) embarks on an almost impossible mission to try and save her spoiled 14-year-old daughter Ravin Foxworth (Ravin Spangler) (and her pampered dog ‘Bunny’)


from going down the wrong path. With only two days before Christmas, Angelina must complete her task of getting her daughter off the naughty list and onto the nice list.

After realizing that Ravin is under the influence of her misguided cousin Yvonne(Simona Fusco), Ravin’s devoted father James Foxworth (Vincent De Paul) and her step-mother Carol  (Kirsten Lea)

mr and mrs Foxworth (Vincent de Paul & Keirsten Lea

feel they must take action and give her a choice to either go to Boarding School or work in a soup kitchen during the Christmas holiday.

With Gabriel and Angelina’s guidance, Ravin reluctantly chooses the soup kitchen. Upon her arrival at the soup kitchen, Ravin quickly steps outside of her posh Beverly Hills comfort zone of cliques, shopping and hair appointments.

Her life makes a dramatic change when she befriends Jerry

(Brandon Tyler Russell), a teen who has been shuffled through the foster-care system. 

Director Brian Skiba is know for his Holiday Films which have been seen on numerous family channels.

Screenplay: FD LEWIS  / Producers: Donna Spangler / Vincent  De Paul/ Cinematographer:Christian Filippella / Editor: Andrea Bottigliero / Composer: Gardner Cole  / Production Designer: Nathaly Lopez  / Art Director: Kyle Bentley  / Principal Cast: Dean Cain  /John Savage/ Donna Spangler/ Vincent De Paul/ Ravin Spangler/ Kristian Lea/Brandon Tyler Russell/ Simona Fusco/ Mara Rydell/

Ravin Foxworth and her girlfriends


Mara Rydell as Lucelle


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