TV Review-The Outsiders Are Very Much In – Season Two Begins



WGN Outsiders - photo by Henry Tarlow

WGN’s viewers of one of the top ten shows, The Outsiders, leaned forward in their seats of the premiere for the season two – Was Big Foster Farrell (David Morse) dead?  If so who killed him and where was his body?  His son Lil’l Foster (Ryan Hurst) is determined to discover the answers – maybe at risk to his own life.   And will G’Winveer (Gillian Alexy), the former healer and now widow of the presumed dead Big Foster, be able to fight her own self doubts, win the trust of the family, and make the critical decisions as she leads the clans forward?


WGN Outsiders - Thomas M Wright - photo by Fedora Entertainment

Hidden in the Appalachian Hills on Shay Mountain outside of Blackburg, Kentucky, the Farrell clan and their cousins have survived off the grid with their own rules and 200 year old culture in defiance of the established town below.  Now the stakes have become higher as a big coal company, having discovered mining potential here wish the clan disposed. They push forward edging and inciting the town to riot and encouraging Sheriff Houghton (Thomas M Wright) to discover who murdered his brother. 


WGN - Outsiders -Gillian Alexy - photo by Fedora Entertainment

Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) and Hasil (Kyle Gallner) face the challenges of their mixed culture/race romance as their fight their families and own personal demons. 


WGN Outsiders - Kyle Gallner and Christina Jackson - photo by Fedora Entertainment


The Farrells must now fight to defend their heritage and way of life in this gritty drama by any means necessary.


Several fans of the show flew in especially for the premiere event.  One young woman said “I don’t watch much TV.  I prefer to read, but I love history and the compelling story line addicted me.” 

Outsiders - Peter Mattei - creator, writer -photo by Henry Tarlow


Created, developed and written by Peter Mattei, a former member of Occupy Wall Street, he had, despite his established production history, realized that he would have trouble selling the idea on just a story bible and pitch.  So writing a complete pilot, he brought it over to Paul Giamatti and together, with Peter Tolan, they took it to WGN.  Seeing the potential, the Chicago based company ordered all thirteen episodes for the first season. 


Outsiders - Peter Tolan -writer/producer photo by Henry Tarlow

At the event, we were treated to some Ole Smoky Moonshine.  Made in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the product serves as a production partner and will soon have a sweepstakes for viewers from January 24, 2017, to April 30, 2017, giving the winner a trip to the set, to see how moonshine is made and to live like an outsider. 


WGN Outsiders - David Morse - photo by Fedora Entertainment

If you liked shows as Hatfields & McCoys or movies as Winter’s Bone, this is one show that will appeal to you.  Season Two has some twists and turns that I am not allowed to reveal to you, but they will definitely surprise you.  The Farrell family and their town adversaries will discover new conflicts and new issues.  Those of you who have not seen the first season yet can catch up on Hulu


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WGN – one of my favorite stations - has an established pattern of brining history to life in an entertaining and meaningful way. Past and current shows include Salem, Manhattan, and Underground with character that keep you addicted to their stories. 


The new season begins on January 24, 2017 at 8p central and 9 pm pacific on WGN. 

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