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Modo Entertainment TV - a new way of viewing

Is streaming the future of television?  Maybe so. With over 25 million homes having boxes there is a ready-made audience.  Certainly Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku Player, Google Chromecast SDK, and others believe this. 


With an extensive background as a record executive and TV/Film producer, 25-year industry veteran, Curtis Elerson moved to Los Angeles from Seattle seven years ago when Sony wanted his crime drama "Paper In My Pocket."  It faltered, but did not die.  Maybe with the popularity of Empire, it might return.

Curtis Elerson - exec at Modo Entertainment - photo by Henry Tarlow

He then made a deal with Bunim Murray for a reality show "Seeds of Hip Hop"  featuring the children of famous rappers like Dr. Dre, EZ-E, and McRun as well E 40, Jam master Jay and Kurupt.

Seeds of Hip Hop - Modo Entertainment - Curtis Elerson

Meeting up with Omar Gooding - actor brother of Cuba Gooding, Jr- who, in his own rights has had many great roles, Curtis decided to manage him. 

Tired of traipsing from network to network as they shopped projects, the pair decided that they could be more proactive in their careers.   He started first with One Shot Films and Shorts

With the urging and assistance of his technologically accomplished friend, Simon Bray, the three men decided to build a network on their own.  "If I can build it," Simon told them, "you get the content."

Omar Gooding - actor, exec at Modo Entertainment - photo by Hank Tarlow

Omar Gooding states, "Modo Entertainment is a project that I have been working on for a while. The timing is just right with so many new streaming networks available since I believe streaming is a future for television.  I will be active in the daily operations to ensure great programming."


And content they are acquiring.  Documentaries, psychological thrillers, comedy, mini-series, sci-fi, cooking shows, and even some religious shows are planned for Modo's network.  There will even be a full day devoted to nothing but shorts - who often get the short shrift at other stations.   

Omar Gooding - actor, exec at Modo Entertainment - photo by Hank Tarlow

Mondays will be a dedicated "Omar day" of things that he has been in and produced, but the other days will be filled with variety as My Life's Over The Top - a documentary of coming up from the streets and succeeding. 

Right now, they seek finished items ready for viewing, but in the future they hope to expand to original productions. 

With both live streaming and on-demand platforms, they hope to provide for everyone's viewing pleasure.  "With our advanced app and HD streaming platforms, we are far ahead of most people's awareness of where streaming TV is headed."

Curtis Elerson - exec at Modo Entertainment - photo by Henry Tarlow

They will not be a subscription based station that charges a fee. Funds will come from advertisers and they already have a number of backers.  These shows will be available to everyone.  "I don't want people to say they can't see it because they can't afford it." 

Curtis hopes that will assist indy filmmakers with their projects so that they do not have to deal with all the major red tape. 

The network plans to officially launch on June 1, 2016, but schedules and information can be seen at their web site.  

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