Turning Tragedy into Inspiration. Actress Zinnia Sayegh loses a sister in train wreck, and now “stands in” for her sisters acting aspirations in Hollywood.


 In Hollywood a stand-in is when another actor takes the place and 'stands-in' for the principal actor while lights and cameras are set into place. Zinnia Sayegh, a 21 year  old actress says, “I lost my 18 year old sister Tanya  5 years ago in a horrific train accident that was all over the news. Her dream of being an actress has catapulted my ambitions to follow in her footsteps and stand-in for my sister in Hollywood.”


 It’s been 5 years now and time has flown by since the Halloween night Zinnia got the word her sister had died when a train collided with Tanya and her friends on a railroad track.  Despite the tragedy, Zinnia is putting together the pieces of her broken heart and is launching her career in acting after extensive training at the New York Film Academy.



Like Julia Roberts, Gweneth Paltrow  and even James Franco, Zinnia hopes to use tragedy to fuel  things to launch her own acting career. All of these actors who have faced terrible tragedy loosing loved ones, and even parents at young ages, and like them, Zinnia is not letting anything get in her way. She just completed acting her training and is quickly getting recognized in Hollywood.


“I don’t have a big story yet, but my story is meaningful to me. No matter where I land in acting, I will be happy that I got to carry a part of my sister further into my life,” said Zinnia. Close friends that know Zinnia are surprised to learn of this tragedy in her life; claiming she has a heart of gold and extremely strong.


Keep an eye-out for Zinnia and when you see that sparkle in her eyes, you’ll know behind her beauty is another person she is 'standing-in' for.


  “I don’t focus on the negative; I focus on how I can use all of the love for my sister to keep me moving in my career," adds Zinnia .

-By Yenitza Munoz




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