Trophy Wife - Exclusive Interview with Marsha Gay Harden & Michaela Watkins

 “Trophy Wife” celebrity cast members Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins gave LASplash an exclusive interview."Trophy Wife" is on ABC, Tuesday at 9:30 PM ET





Pete believes the third time is a charm.  He has a new, young blonde Trophy Wife played by Malin Ackerman. Pete, played by Bradley Whitford meets a party girl, Kate when she breaks his nose with a karaoke mike.  Pete sees stars and fireworks.  Kate not only gets an older husband, but a pre-made family with three children. 


Marsha Gay Harden Courtey of ABC


Marcia Gay Harden plays ex-wife number 1, an ex-Olympic athlete and very type A personality doctor who only believes in perfection, no exceptions.  Nancy gets contacted by her young son, Warren’s teacher.  She calls her into school and reads Warren’s story of a hot girl’s grapefruits and sexy ankle tattoo, Nancy is horrified and immediately believes Kate is a succubus who seduced her innocent child. 


Henry Tsai Bert on Courtesy of ABC


Here’s a sneak peek from tonight’s Trophy Wife, the kids spill salsa on her sofa and lied to her about it so she punishes them by making them watch “La Bamba’ on DVD.  I asked Marcia since they spilled salsa they are being punished with “La Bamba” does that mean if they spilled Tomato sauce they would have to watch “The Sopranos”Marcia said, “no a spaghetti Western”.

Michaela Watkins Trophy Wife Photo Courtesy ABC


Malin Atkins Trophy Wife courtesy of ABC


Michaela plays Jackie, Pete's 2nd ex-wife who lives with her one adopted Asian son, Henry.  He is her whole world.  She is a New Age Yoga enthusiast who grows her own organic bean sprouts.  Jackie  is at the soccer game, but cannot stay, because her Tai Chi class is having a bar crawl.  She is very nervous about trusting her only child with Kate, who has no mothering experience.  She tells Kate that half the team can’t eat peanuts and the other have can only eat peanuts.  Kate says she only brought oranges and water, but Jackie claims that one child can’t eat oranges and another boy can’t drink anything, because he is overhydrated.


Michaela Watkins Courtesy of ABC

Watch Trophy Wife on Tuesday night at 9:30 Eastern to watch what happens. 


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