FilmCraft Book Series Review - Cinematography

Mike Goodridge and Tim Greierson’s introduction into Cinematography is superb and they do a great job explaining both the emotional and creative elements of cinematography. It’s loaded with excellent insight and perspective. Cinematography features 16 professional cinematographers from around the world who share their intimate stories and take us deeper into the art of cinematography.

FilmCraft Series "Cinematography"

FilmCraft Series

Cinematography is the first book released through the FilmCraft Series, and I clearly give it 5 out of 5 stars. Goodridge is the editor of Screen International and has been writing about film for over twenty years. He's an accomplished film critic and a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Grierson is a film and music critic and is currently the Vice President of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Both have written numerous articles for prominent outlets.

Vilmos Zsigmond

This book captures the true essence of cinematography told by Vilmos Zsigmond, Christopher Doyle, Michael Ballhaus, Ed Lachman, Rodrigo Prieto, Caleb Deschanel, Vittorio Storaro, Chris Menges, Dion Beebe, Owen Roizman, Barry Ackroyd, Ellen Kraus, Sven Nykvist, Peter Suschitzky, Seanus McGarvey, Javier Aguirresarobe and Matthew Libatique. Cinematographers, Gregg Toland, Freddie Young, Jack Cardiff, Sven Nykvist, and Raoul Coutard are considered the "pioneers and innovators" of cinematography and are featured as well.

James Wong Howe

Goodridge and Greierson selected each cinematographer by their style, taste and age range which included different filmmaking cultures and budget ranges.

Goodrich and Grierson describe the cinematographer, as a key conduit for all the other craftspeople on set. "Through the cinematographer lens, all performance, direction, and design must pass, and the cinematographers own choices in cameras, lighting and movement can inform and further the story in both obvious and subtle ways."

So, if you’re interested in cinematography  this is a must read, seriously. You might also want to check out Focal Press’s FilmCraft series which includes: Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Producing, Screenwriting, Postproduction, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. It's collection of good reads covering the essentials of film.

For more information on the FilmCraft Series, check it out right here!





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