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Just when you thought it couldn't get any more twisted, TLC recently debuted an aptly titled special called “Plastic Wives”. The show features plastic surgeon’s sexy spouses who, of course, demand that their skilled husbands attend to their every wrinkle and procedural whim. Basics like more narrow noses, breast implants, and Botox may have become commonplace enough conversation pieces, but these living dolls dished on striving for one-hundred percent perfection including buttock implants and vaginaplasty. The web has been abuzz with the clips of one particular plastic wife, busty Brazilian Frances Marques, discussing her labiaplasty and admiring the discarded bits in a jar. Frances' fascination with plastic surgery and her over-the-top behavior, in one scene she literally bathes in rose petals and champagne, have made her a breakout star of the show. But behind scenes, it's her ex-husband Dr. Ryan Stanton that's shaped Frances, and countless other ladies of Los Angeles, into the woman she is today.

Down to earth and well-spoken, Ryan is a fully credentialed, board certified, plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose focus is, obviously, cosmetic surgery. As a young boy growing up in Wisconsin he was enthralled by math and science, but his busy mind thirsted for a hands-on approach to carry out the mechanics. Even as an adult, he didn't want a passive career he'd grow bored of, and he eschewed his education in Pharmacology and Toxicology, graduating with "Highest Distinction", to delve into medicine, ranking among the top five percent of his class. "I didn't want to just examine patients and write prescriptions or pass the procedure off to another doctor, I wanted to carry out the surgery myself," he said.  He admired the artistry that plastic surgeons in particular could demonstrate, and the improved self-esteem that their hard work brought to patients. "Plastic surgeons are the only surgeons people want to go to and enjoy seeing. Normally surgery isn't a good thing, it's typically needed because the patient has a disease process going on, but plastic surgery is done on comparably healthy people." 

Before going into private practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Stanton worked in plastic surgery in another appearance-driven locale, Miami. He is on the surgical staff at Newport Avenue Hospital, Tri-City Hospital, and is the Medical Director/President of the Modern Institute of Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging. For over a decade, he's built a loyal following on the Midwestern morals he's proud of, what he calls "courtesy, confidentiality, customization and completeness".

His approach to beautification combines the external components of plastic surgery with anti-aging nutrition and medicine, to improve patients' outward appearance in conjunction with overall health and well-being. He's known for pioneering techniques in semi-permanent fillers, skill in breast enhancement, neck contouring, buttock augmentation/implants, and other aesthetic implants such as hip, pectoral, & calf. He's also a sought-after specialist in labiaplasty, like Frances'.

Contrary to popular belief, labiaplasty patents do not suffer loss of sensation nor does it improve gratification. Dr. Stanton insists that it improves a woman's sex life because it boosts her confidence; increased libido and enjoyment of the experience are a natural result. It's that basic desire that he hopes that “Plastic Wives” will create empathy for, showing how every woman wants to look her best and feel self-assured. "We want to show that woman who indulge in plastic surgery can be beautiful and not all of them are addicts who go overboard. These procedures enhance a woman's natural beauty to make her feel more confident and sexy, giving her a better quality of life."

But his former wife of seven years admits on the show that she feels like she actually needs plastic surgery, "I am kind of addicted, I go there every day to the clinic." Not just striving for simple polish, Frances seems to be certain she can always do more, have more done, and fears missing out on the next tactic that promises to turn back the hands of time. "There are so many new things coming, so many new technologies, new implants, new Botox, new filler, laser procedures and all that, and I want it all." She's had her breasts augmented multiple times alone but the overall list of work she's had done is lengthy. Though she's over forty, her sculpted physique, which she and Dr. Stanton have worked so hard on with anti-aging nutrition, hormone balancing, and procedures, looks half her age.

Ryan seems to admire her perseverance and strength though, and teases that he and feisty Frances could be reuniting down the line. "She's my best friend and closest confidant. People are going to want to see us back together and maybe, if they keep tuning in, they could see us re-tie the knot in a few years. Who knows?"

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