This Means War - An Action Romantic Comedy for Both

This Means War : Reese Witherspoon


It's only a few more days now before you'll be able to buy or rent the DVD or do the digital download of the 2012 action romantic comedy, This Means War , the new Reese Witherspoon  (Lauren) hit, which also stars Chris Pine (FDR) and Tom Hardy (Tuck)  as the two men in her life, and best friend, Chelesa Handler (Trish.)


Two best friends, both CIA operatives, are on a mission to hunt down a German criminal, Til Schweiger (Heinrich.)  Grounded for messing up the operation, the two men, who look at life very differently, decide to look for love. 


An uptight, romantic left over, Lauren complains about her life until her best friends puts her up on an on line dating site.


This Means War : Chelesa Handler

When Tom Hardy puts his profile on line and finding Reese Witherspoon, he  decides to go out with her, but Chris Pine, a womanizer, thinks he is protecting his best friend by following him, only to run into Reese at the video store.  Despite the fact that he's been a "day rental man" before, he falls in love with her, himself, pushing into her workplace until she agrees to go out with him. 


Finding out they are both after the same woman, the men agree to a gentleman's competition, which turns out less than gentlemanly as each man tries to find out and gear himself to what he thinks that Reese wants.  Each show her their vulnerable sides as Tuck introduces her to his son (John Paul Ruttan) and FDR adopts a dog. 


This Means War - Chris Pine and Tom Hardy

Learning that Heinrich has come back to the States, FDR tries to warn Tuck, but it's too late. 


Distributed by 20th Century Fox, it was produced by Wonderland Films, Overbrook Entertainment and Robert Simonds Productions. 


This Means War: Reese Witherspoon

Timothy Dowling and Simon Kinberg, the writers,  have done it.  Not just a chick flick, This Means War is funny and has tension, at the same time, but is definitely for the romantic at heart.   Directed by McG, the show is produced by Will Smith, Robert Simonds, James Lassiter and Simon Kinberg.  Russell Carpenter did amazing cinematography and Christopher Beck's music added immensely to the story.


Islands of smart dialogue peppered the film and Reese is wonderful in almost anything. 


The DVD has loads of fun extra stuff, including conversations between Trish and Lauren, Lauren's freaking out about the two men, FDR's ex-girlfriends,  and  two alternate endings. (I liked the one they chose the best.)


Look for it at your video stores now. 

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