The Unsinkable Henry Morgan - Fact or Fiction: A Documentary of a Famous Pirate

The Unsinkable Henry Morgan Invite! Courtesy Photo

Taking a look back into history and tying it into a riveting documentary was ‘The Unsinkable Henry Morgan’. ‘The Unsinkable Henry Morgan’ is a documentary film exploring the myths and legends surrounding ‘Captain Henry Morgan’ and his conquests in Panama.


Replica of 'The Satisfaction'! Courtesy Photo

This was an innovative tale and a glance at history of what many think is a fictitious pirate, and his journey into Central America. On the evening of Friday, January 18th the film was screened at the Filmmaker Lodge in Park City, with an after-party at the Sundance Channel Headquarters. Captain Morgan inspired cocktails were paired perfectly with appetizers at the venue.


'The Unsinkable Henry Morgan'! Courtesy Photo

Bringing the Captain Morgan brand to life, the HQ displayed a 10-foot replica of The Satisfaction, Captain Morgan’s flagship, during the event. There were also photographs from the documentary’s shipwreck expedition, behind-the-scenes shots from filming, and a replica of Captain Morgan’s iconic red coat on display for HQ visitors to observe.


'The Unsinkable Henry Morgan'! Courtesy Photo

"Most people have at least heard of the infamous Captain Morgan, but to this day, I don’t know if people know whether he was real or just a fictitious pirate. For me, that was the most intriguing reason to take on the project,” explained Haussman. “Our artists and experts acted as investigators, using their skills to paint a more accurate picture of Henry Morgan, the man. What we were not prepared for was the enormous scale of his feats, or the historical significance his conquering of Panama played in re-shaping the country and the decline of the Spanish Empire forever."


Click on the video below for the trailer of ‘The Unsinkable Henry Morgan’


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