The Toyota Mirai Music Lodge Review - A Great Recharging Hub for Hospitality and More

Morgan Spurlock attends the Toyota Mirai Music Lodge. Photo Credit: Miles Mortensen

Days at Sundance Film Festival can be long and not to mention a little chilly. Between films, panels, and pop ups, it's difficult to last throughout the day. While Park City painted the perfect picturesque picture for a getaway with the snow capped mountains in the background and bright lights, I found that having a hub to recharge was necessary. The Toyota Mirai Music Lodge in Park City served as that and much much more. 
Creating a cozy nest for its attendees was the Toyota Mirai Music Lodge. Guests were able to grab some amazing gifts while checking out the Music Lodge’s star attraction, Toyota’s amazing new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, which was on display in the Lodge.
Guests were greeted into the event with drinks provided by: a smooth red wine by Four Daughters Winerycrisp  beer by Sierra Nevadaand a bold well-traveled rum by Papa’s Pilar Rum or water by Trimino Waterwhile munching on snacks by Popchips and Garret Popcorn Snacks

Gilbert Gottfried checking out Revolution Watches! Photo Credit: Miles Mortensen

Attendees were gifted Members Only jackets to stay warm throughout the festival. The line of clothing delivers a vintage feel as they became popular in 1980s. Guests had a variety or colors such as grey, black, and olive green to choose from. Tinlid Hat Company gifted attendees beanies and backpacks which were great for traveling. Now that the political debates are discussed daily, attendees were able to  accessorize while showing their support for their favorite! Whether its Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or any of the others you can now wear them on their wrists. Revolution Watches had the top presidential candidates placed on watches as a caricature put together with the watchband in USA colors. 
Earth Day Network(EDN) has been assisting to promote green activities to better the planet. Over the past 45 years EDN has worked with over 50,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden and raise awareness and engagement opportunities at all levels.

THE Spike Lee! Photo Credit: Miles Mortensen

bmiSmart gifted guests with nature based products to help reduce calorie absorption from fats and carbs, help curve appetite, and also assist with achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals. Watch all of the most trending moments with the click of a button on UnReel
Additional sponsors for the event were: EcoPlanet Bamboo100% PURE; Just WaterRepurpose Compostables and Raven Jewelry.
Celebrity guests were:  John Legend; Spike Lee; Rob Zombie; Moon Zombie; Gilbert Gottfried; Adam Scott for a return visit; Kate Beckinsale; Joe Pantoliano; Chloe Sevigny; Charlie Day; Margo Martindale; Matt Ross; Morgan Spurlock; Viggo Mortensen; Tim Daly, and more. Guests even got to see an enormous golden eagle with an 8-foot wingspan.

Tim Daly with the enormous eagle with an 8-foot wingspan. Photo Credit: Miles Mortensen

In addition to gifting, guests were able to hang and hear many musical performances over the weekend. One of the highlights were Air Traffic Controller who have been placed on many lists such as: 2015 Billboard Hot 100 Fest performers, NPR Hot 100 List for SXSW, Best Indie Alternative Song in the Independent Music Awards, and also have over 12 million spotify plays. Also performing were Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Mark McKenna of John Carney's. Later in the evening the lodge played host to the annual Asian Filmmakers reception which honored more that a dozen Asian films and filmmakers in the festival.

Produced by Platfrom Media Group the Toyota Lounge was a great way to spend the day enjoying the hospitality and checking out the latest with technology.

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