The Prince Special Screening After Party

Hey, Everybody its Rubee Jewel here with your Jewel Wrap Up Today we talk about the Special Premier Party for the new movie starring Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Jason Patric, Curtis 50 Cent Jackson and the beautiful Jessica Lowndes called The Prince.
The Prince directed by Brian A. Miller, produced by Grindstone Entertainment and Emmet Furla Oasis Films known for films like Survivor and Escape Plan. The film is distributed by Lionsgate. The is a action packed suspense thriller that tells a story of a mechanic and retired assasin with ties to the underworld that was drawn back into the life he gave up when his daughter is kidnapped. To rescue her,  he must confronthis former rival.

LA Splash Magazine Journalist Rubee Jewel and Jessica Lowndes

Baked by Melissa

The special screening private party was held directly after the screening at Supper Club Hollywood a spot that is known to bring out the stars. With hosted cocktails , sweet treats from Baked by Melissa, gourmet popcorn from HotPoppin and gourmet cotton candy treats from Fluffpop I knew this event would be great. So while covering the event I had to kick off my night seeing what stars from the movie would grace the red carpet. I got the treat of not only stars gracing the carpet but some of my favorite entertainers and reality stars came out to support as well.

From the movie the handsome  Jason Patric was one of the first to bless the carpet looking smooth and laid back,  the beautiful and very funny Dustin Quick was another first to show up and rock the red carpet. She is so cute and bubbly loved talking with her. To my surprise one of the next people I caught on the carpet Americas Next Top Model cycle 4 winner the very gorgeous Naima Mora was the looking comfy and sexy in ripped jeans and a cute embroidered jacket that she swears has became one of her favorite pieces to wear lately. Also gracing the carpet ex Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones. Although she is no longer a Pussycat Doll. One thing she will always be is a doll. So sweet that one, funny with a fabulous personality. I got the chance to chat with her about what she has been up too and she has definately been keeping busy after her split with the popular sexy group. Currently working on her own projects and releasing Rise Of the Phoenix the half Jamaican beauty has been seen all over Vegas blazing the stages with her beauty and talent. Stay tuned for this girl cause she is definately one to look out for.

Americas Next Top Model Cycle 4 winner Naima Mora and Rubee Jewel

After the carpet I decided to take it on inside to see what the party was like. Party is exactly what it was. The hosted drinks by Black Velvet Whiskey, sweet treats by Baked by Melissa and deliscious popcorn from HotPopping Gourmet. Upon entering the party room of the fancy Supper Club im loving the scenery. With the beautiful blue sillouette lighting, high ceilings, plush white couches and fancy fixtures. There was no doubt to me that a goodtime was in the works. As I walked around enjoying the festivities and treats I ran back into the soft spoken Americas Next Top Model winner Naima Mora so you know as Ms. Selfie Paparrassi I had to take a selfie with the beauty. I got to ask her a few questions about life after winning ANTM. She told me that life has been pretty good for her since the show. Telling me her experience on the show was a great one, learning so much about herself and modeling. She has taken what she learned and now is blazing runways all over the world and from what I have ssen on her Instagram page she looks as though she is getting back into music. Saying she is excited to get back to it. Im looking forward to see what she will be doing next. Also while roaming the Supper Club I ran back into the lovely Kaya Jones laughing and joking with her was such a pleasure. Such a funny girl and wonderful spirit. I love her energy. She shared with me that she is half Jamaican which explains the wonderful caribbean vibe I got from her. Also check her out on social media she is always into something new and continues to have new things in the works.

Rubee Jewel and Kaya Jones look out for her "Rise of The Phoenix"

I enjoyed watching everyone mix and mingle. Laughing and having a good time. Im excited to see The Prince most of the people at the party came there straight from the special screening. So I made it my business to go around asking everyone experience and if they enjoyed it. Everyone I asked had good things to say. Expessing that the cast was great and the movie was definately full of suspense and action. Which only got me hyped up to go and check it out. One thing I love is a good movie. Give me some popcorn and a good movie and no matter what is going on my day is set for joy. I wasn't a bit surprised to hear everyone say good things about The Prince with a cast like Bruce Willis, John Cusack,  Jason Patric and Curtis 50 cent Jackson I would expect anything less.

On the red carpet "Its Rubee Jewel"

The Prince hits selected theaters and On Demand August 22, 2014 make it a date night and go check it out.

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