“The Gold & The Beautiful” and Agnes-Nicole Winter


Agnes-Nicole Winter

It has not always beenThe Gold & The Beautiful” for Agnes-Nicole Winter - the Star, Writer, and Producer of the feature film, The Gold & The Beautiful, which has just won three award nominations and wins. The family comedy not only sells for its wonderful story, but also for the compelling story behind the film that centers on same central entity, Agnes-Nicole Winter.

Agnes-Nicole is a single mother who has teamed together with her young sons, to hold true the American Dream through hard work and determination.

With the mindset that there are never any real obstacles only challenges, Agnes-Nicole Winter founded Global Star Films Inc. as a single Mom together with her young sons, Cristofer and Alexander Winter. They teamed up to produce their first high budget independent feature film, The Gold & The Beautiful, a family comedy adventure.

Agnes- Nicole Winter in 'The Gold & The Beautiful'

In April The Gold & The Beautiful won the “AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD” at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival. At the same festival, Agnes-Nicole was absolutely overjoyed when she also won the award for “OUTSTANDING FIRST LEAD PERFORMANCE” in THE GOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL. “I am thrilled to get these awards, it means so much that my Film is the audience favorite and as film makers we make films for the audience,” says Agnes-Nicole Winter.


The film has also already been awarded with the Southern California Motion Picture Council Golden Halo Award for Film Achievement, The Film Advisory Board’s Excellence Award for Best Feature, and a Nomination for Best Comedy Feature by The International Family Film Festival. Needless to say, the film is getting noticed in Hollywood and around the world.


The Gold & The Beautiful directed by Jack Serino, is about a trust fund supported, egocentric, spoiled, Beverly Hills socialite’s who owns everything imaginable, and yet… has nothing. When she is forced out of her shallow existence, she discovers there is much more to life and finds true love. The movie’s title song, GIMME GIMME GIMME was written by 2 time Oscar Nominated singer and song writer Carol Connors. Co-producers of the film are Ms. Winter’s sons Cristofer Winter and Alexander Winter.


Agnes-Nicole Winter

The film has a star studded cast with John Aniston, Kevin Farley, Agnes-Nicole Winter, John Farley, Kate Linder, Tony Schiena and Ed Gale among many other very talented performers.

The movie storyline is far from Agnes-Nicole’s reality.

Agnes-Nicole Winter created the “impossible” – the American Dream. As an immigrant she left Sweden and came to America as an aspiring model and actress with a resolute passion to succeed. But it was not smooth sailing.


Agnes-Nicole was raised in Sweden by a divorced, single mother. When she came to America she spent years refining her abilities in acting classes and with speech coaches in hopes of conquering her dreams, but Hollywood still rejected her.


After two unsuccessful marriages, she was left alone to raise her two toddler sons in this foreign country by herself. With no financial support for her self or her children, she worked day and night at 3 different jobs, while attempting to balance her jobs with being a Mother. Yet she never lost sight of her passion and goals. Whenever she had a moment to spare, she developed her script ideas for the entertainment industry.


Her perseverance paid off seeing as she did an amazing job raising her two sons, who are now caring, responsible, driven, well mannered, and highly respected young adults. Moreover, she developed a fine American accent, and never let the harsh criticisms thrown around in the world of entertainment and its environment break her down. Finally when the boys got older, she continued to pursue her dream and returned to the movie business to accomplish what she came to the United States to do. Her goal is to give her sons the start up platform and a future that she was never given by anyone. And so she did with her finished manuscript and the production of The Gold & The Beautiful. Creating Global Star Films and having Alexander and Cristofer co-produce and co-star in the feature film was going to be her gift to her sons as the ignition for a brighter future she never was given by anyone!


Throughout the rough times and the busy schedules, Agnes-Nicole remained whole hearted and still found time to give to the less fortunate. She is a great charity supporter and even founded Children’s After-School Programs (C.A.P.), a charity to help low income single parents in her former situation of working multiple jobs and needing an inexpensive and safe environment for her children to be while the parent is at work. She provides them with funding to summer camps and other programs that provide a safe environment that they thankfully enjoy.

Agnes-Nicole Winter and Sons

Agnes-Nicole, also starred for the past three seasons on the international hit television documentary/reality show “SWEDISH HOLLYWOOD WIVES” but left the show to focus on her big budget feature film. “It’s a great deal of a juggle and it gets very intense, because I am doing my fulltime work and I am filming a television show at the very same time, so I needed to take some time off to focus.  I needed to resume to work on my projects without having any more of a delay,” says Ms. Winter.  Agnes-Nicole Winter continues to pursue her goals with a new burning passion inside of her and the ambition to prove all those that said she couldn’t, that she could, and that she will. Ms. Winter is already in pre-production of her next feature film. “I am very proud of this film, and excited about our next project,” says Agnes-Nicole.


Agnes-Nicole is a true role model and inspiration, a true entrepreneur, a true loving mother and a true friend, and now she holds true The American Dream and the “rags to riches” story that have become paired with her name –   Agnes-Nicole Winter. “My goal is to inspire and empower people no matter who they are or where they are coming from to not give up their dreams. Simply put – if I can do it,  you can do it!

You can read her full compelling and empowering story in her NEW upcoming book.

NOTE to Agnes-Nicole by Sunny a UCLA Film School Intern;


 “I had a great time, and learned a great deal about the industry. The way you have handled yourself, and everything you've done. Being a single mother, and raising two great guys, one of whom I have grown to call my brother... from the way you have overcome your obstacles, and stood strong. The way in which you faced every anger with a smile, and every no with a yes. I have come to see you no longer as just a celebrity, but as a role model. Not someone to just recognize, but someone to highly respect. 

And so I thank you. I thank you for all that you have taught and for all that you have given. I thank you for how I've grown, for how I've learned, and I thank you for you.

You always say 'There are no problems. Only challenges'

You have definitely given me a new outlook on film, and your ambitious perseverance has contagiously spread to me. 

And so I thank you. 

Thanks for a fun quarter / internship at Global Star Films !!!”

For more info on Agnes -Nicole Winter go to www.globalstarfilms.com

and www.agnesnicole.com


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