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Edge of Salvation - A Very Relevant Must See Movie

By Meagan Sargent

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The Cast & Crew of 'The Edge of Salvation'

What happens when all that you have known is taken away from you and you are forced to live a life that you have always dreaded? In ‘Edge of Salvation ’, a very well off family is put in this exact predicament. This film takes a social-economic look at what our country is faced with today as seen through the eyes of a 14 year-old-boy and a family that loses everything due to a down economy, pride, greed and ultimately "man's inhumanity to man”. ‘Edge of Salvation ’ premiere took place December 6, 2012 at the renowned Arclight Cinema on Sunset Boulevard. The theatre was packed with attendees, which included the cast and crew from the film itself, anticipating the premiere of ‘Edge of Salvation ’.


Director Luciano Saber with Kelly Washington and Jeremy London at 'The Edge of Salvation' premier. Courtesy Photo

Living a nice life in beautiful Malibu, CA this family is evicted and forced to leave their beach front property only to move into a economically depressed neighborhood. With a young teenage daughter and a 14 year old son whose adopted, mother-Charlene Tilton is forced to pull it together and do what’s best for the family. The family's father has abandoned them in their time of need for he was predominately at fault for the family's downfall and can not face the repercussions. The family is immediately torn apart as they try to fight through this hard time alone and against the ‘neighborhood’. Throughout the duration of the film, the family is being recorded by an indie film crew to make their story into a documentary. The film was stylistically shot and presented through mock surveillance cameras and raw footage which presents a story that is all to familiar to audiences across the globe.


Director Luciano Saber with D. Michael Beldie at 'The Edge of Salvation' premier. Courtesy Photo

Edge of Salvation ’ is an indie film that touches on subjects that are very relevant and in a sense very close to issues today such as: abuse, hunger and poverty.  In the end there's a glimmer of hope that’s manifested through undying faith.  A movie based upon good will, family, and the ability to adapt and overcome, ‘Edge of Salvation ’touches close to home, a definite must see, and a movie that will change our outlook on life as we know it.


Written and directed by Luciano Saber, ‘Edge of Salvation ’ stars: Charlene Tilton (Dallas, Show White Christmas (with Neal Patrick Harris), The Love Boat), Jeremy London (Party of Five, 7th Heaven),Kelly Washington and Jonathan Lipnicki (For The Love of Money, Stuart Little 1&2,Jerry Maguire) and introducing D. Michael Beldie.


For more information on ‘Edge of Salvation ’ please visit: http://lucianosaber.com/Edge_of_Salvation.html



Published on Dec 14, 2012

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