The Broad Humor Film Festival Shorts Program - Out Of This World

What do you call an awesome and eclectic collection of comedy shorts program that frankly defies categorization? Out of this World, of course! 


"" is a playful mash-up parody that pokes fun of the ubiquitous world of dating services and our insatiable fascination with the reality series Cops. Broad Humor alum writer/director Victoria Cordova successfully cracks up the audience with some truly classic slapstick and a super silly script.


"I Love You Like Crazy"


I Love You Like Crazy   - Tess Sweet writer/director

Dan (Patrick Gallo) is the lead singer of the Euro-band sensation Fear the Hammer. Well, in his head. And in his head, his sadistic manager is gives him the worst advice possible. The latest piece of bad advice, dancing in the middle of a busy intersection wearing only his skivvies, has finally lands Dan in the looney bin. His only way out is to find the strength and courage to fire this tyrannical manager -  something he has never been able to do before. Then he met Melody (Valorie Curry), a borderline multi-personality-pyromaniacal songbird. And she seems to like him too. But can Dan pull it together long enough to finally make sweet music with a fellow soul/inmate? This short is a delightful look at how love takes root in the the strangest places, under the strangest circumstances, but will seldom be denied. Terrific performances are given by Gallo and Curry as Dan and Melody respectively.




Slap - Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough writer/Grant Barbeito director

Take Glengary Glen Ross, give is a political spin, boil it down to four minutes / two characters and you have this cutting, confrontational no-holds-barred verbal brawl that both solidifies and deconstructs the fringes with lightning speed and shocking precision. You won’t know whether to laugh or throw your popcorn corn at the screen; which, I believe, is exactly the filmmakers’ point.


"Super Morning"

Super Morning 

And you think you have a tough time getting out of bed. Meet a super chick in all her morning glory, as she prepares for a day of saving the day. Quite simply in its story, the short employs some clever visual effects and a lovely understated performance by writer / director Julia Camara.


"There She is..."

There She Is... - Jenn Dlugos director

Ever wanna get away? One housewife and mother in Massachusetts does. And for some reason, she thinks the way to do that is to enter a beauty pageant. The Mrs. Massachusetts Pageant to be exact. This short documentary chronicles her journey from enter, to prep and training to the actual pageant and the “real” people she encounters in  preparing for this brief “escape” from her life. Peculiar and sweet, and while this short is by no means the model of skilled filmmaking, There She Is… proves there are other alternatives besides Vegas.


"Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire"

Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire - Alyson Weaver writer/Brenton Stumpf Director

In an alternate universe were Vampires like among humans in quasi-harmony, very average Malcolm (Barrett Shuler) wants Lucy (Jacqueline Smyth), the cute girl he met at the bus stop. But she seems t be into the office tool – Walter – who is a newly made vampire. So what does Malcolm do? How far is he willing to go to be cool? How far does he need to go? In the end, no one gets what they bargained for. Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire is a morality tale about being a slave to trends with a lot of the Wacky thrown in. A cautionary tale about the things we covet, this short is a reminder that the grass is always greener when you can’t see the whole lawn. Brilliant comic performance by Alyson Weaver, as the newbie vampiremaker.

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