The Broad Humor Film Festival Shorts Program - Food & Family: So Much Fun!


The 6th Annual Broad Humor Film Festival

Broad Humor film Festival’s Shorts Program #2 is an homage to the two things none of us can avoid in a modern society. No, not death and taxes, I’m talking about Food & Family.



"The Big Deal"

The Big Deal - Lucy Rodriguez writer/director

Food fight takes on a whole new meaning when a young woman (Onahoua Rodriguez) visits her new eccentric, vegan boyfriend home to meet her a very traditional Chicano family. A very sweet and funny culture clash with lots of heart.


"The Couple"

The Couple - Alison Chernick writer/director

Actress Tulip (Juliette Bennett) and John (Ken Forman), her screenwriter boyfriend, sit down for a reporter (Angela Dee) to talk about the film they did together. If only they could get their stories straight. A fine comic example of how life imitates art… sometimes… sort of… OK… Maybe not so much. Terrificly funny with chemistry and performances from this assemble of three.



"Kosher Pig"

Kosher Pig - Moon Cho writer/director

When a Chinese American girl (Susane Lee), who was adopted by a White Jewish family goes looking for the birth parents that gave her up, Joy Cohen finds herself the center of a culture war between the two families that wish to claim her for their own. An insightful and humorous look at how family, for better or worse, sometimes equals identity.




Lemonomics - Teresa Klaban writer/director

Nothing is worse than getting fired; except maybe coming across a twelve year old who is more ruthless and saavy a salesman than yourself. In this bittersweet war of the lemonades, newly unemployed Larry (Bob Kaliebe) makes it his mission to prove to his new young rival Ashley (Annamarie Schutt), that cute and cunning is no way to run a business.



"Like Mother, Like Death"

Like Mother, Like Death - Ali Scher writer/director

This black comedy tells the tale of an overbearing mother (Barbara Cole) trying to remake her daughter Jamie (Amy Schloerb) in her own image, and how that daughter’s efforts to resist every step of the way. A dark, cautionary tale about being careful of what you ask for.



"Sack Lunch"

Sack Lunch - Jacqueline Gault writer/director

“Revenge is a dish best served in a brown paper bag.” A comic short that is 95% sweeping, orchestral soundtrack and 5 % dialogue, Sack Lunch is joyously wicked and guiltily satisfying. Well Done.



"Seven Layer Dip"

Seven Layer Dip - Monique Ganderton writer/director

An ode to the unappreciated culinary divas who whip up a mean can of whop-ass and the unappreciative guys that love them. A surprising and refreshing action-packed short that proves love hurts.




TeppanDead - Hillary Lavin writer/director

Hiro (Hiroyuki Ueno) knows he was meant for bigger and better things. But it’s hard to realize that potential greatness when you’re stuck in a dead end job where everyone thinks you’re a joke. Then again, maybe fate knew what it was doing when it placed you in a sushi restaurant the night a zombie attack. Great use of restrain and imagination with the visual effects employed in this short. A real crowd-pleaser. Well Done.

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