‘The Archer’ SXSW 2017 - Exclusive Interview with Splash Magazine

Splash Magazine had an exclusive interview with the cast and director of ‘The Archers' during SXSW 2017. The drama thriller movie had its world premiere in Austin, Texas on March 11th at the Alamo Draft House.

The Archer’ stars Bailey Noble as "Lauren Pierce," a young school archery talent who gets tossed into the corrupt for-profit and brutal juvenile correctional facility in the wilderness (Paradise Trails), a twisted prison that breaks young girls and keeps their parents in the dark.  "Lauren" gets into prison after hospitalizing in self-defense the abusive boyfriend of "Emily" (Lauren’s Teammate) after they return to their hotel room after a successful competition. "Laurent" is monitored by the archer, "Bob Patrice" (Bill Sage), who told her a parable about the “Archer’s Paradox,” which states the arrow must first wobble before it straightens out. Bob’s speeches cover up an ingrained sexism. Soon after she realizes that "Bob’s facility "is abusive to women she learns how deep corruption runs at Paradise Trails under the pernicious rules of warden and bowhunter "Bob Patrice", she makes her escape, traversing the wilderness with rebellious inmate "Rebecca Rolinski", the warden's stolen bow, and enough evidence to close the doors at Paradise Trails. They’ll have to survive Bob, who’s hunting his prey to make sure his secret stays buried.

Yenis Monterrey Exclusive Interview with the Cast and Director

The Archer’ has an interesting cast, the movie is starred by Bailey Noble and she is best known for the acclaimed cult classic series “True Blood” from HBO where she plays the role of “Adilyn.” Bailey will next be seen in the new series Timeless from NBC and "The Last Tycoon" from Amazon.

Yenis Monterrey: The film has been compared with “The Hunger Games” which use as the structure for the main character the figure of a strong female. What’s the internal difference in both films taking into consideration that both films use the formula of an archer woman?

Bailey Noble:  Our film is very different than the concept of “The Hunger Game Movie” because “The Hunger Game” is based on a fantasy and our film is based in reality and it’s possible that the events that are happening in our film are happening in real life and I really wanted to ground my character in the actual dark reality. What I really loved about my character “Lauren Pierce” is that she is very disciplined at the beginning of the film and that's the way she handles what life has given her and she snaps at some certain point. The character has a journey which is established in her inner strength and voice and I really hope that women or young women that watch the film can say the film is an inspiration to find their own voice. The only common thread with the “The Hunger Games Movie” is that the main characters in both films are based on strong female roles.


Yenis Monterrey: Bailey, your character in ‘The Archer’ is a very persuasive young woman who has a difficult journey at a young age from her repressed sexuality to her inner voice and power. Were the traits of your character an inspiration easy to achieve?

Bailey Noble: I felt inspired by my character and her journey because in the beginning of this film she has this internal fire that she has suppressed for so long, being a lesbian, and the way she was raised. It was interesting for me to get to explore her character because she finally snaps and uses everything that’s inside of her for better. If that’s the example I can give to women and young women that’s amazing.

Yenis Monterrey: I think your role is perfect for you and fits you very well, can you share with us how you got part of the cast of ‘The Archer’?

Bailey Noble: I met Valerie Weiss not randomly - I call it comically when I was at the screening of a friend’s film and their production company suggested me for ‘The Archer’. The Director Weiss knew about me when I met her at the screening and we met up a couple weeks later and she talked to me about her project and sent me the script for me to look at. I fell in love with the script right away. This is a role I have been craving all my life to play a physically strong female and to be involved with an action film. This isn’t often the case for a young woman to perform a role like this one.

Yenis Monterrey: Was your preparation for your role as an archer easy or difficult to develop the skills of using a bow to shoot arrows? How did you do it and where?

Bailey Noble: Yes, I trained at the Pasadena Roving Archers, and I picked it up very quickly since I had one of the best trainers in archery and also because I have a history of dance and yoga. Archery is all about alignment when you pull back the bow there are 127 elements to bring the bow back and you have to think about all those things just like the science of golf.

Michael Grant Terry is well known for Bones, Grimm, and The Cookie Mobster. Michael Grant Terry recently appeared in the Amazon pilot, "The Legend of Master Legend".

Yenis Monterrey: Michael’s plays a socially inept prison guard in ‘The Archer’ who is at the center of a local corrupt justice system, how do you perceive your role?

Michael Grant Terry: 'The Archer' said a lot about what’s happening in our private prison system in our country where there is a fault where people are incarcerated without committing any crime or doing nothing; for example, the main character of the Archer “Lauren Pierce” is put in jail for simply beating up a guy and is put indefinitely in a private prison. My character “Michael” is also a product of a private prison and the male dominated world. My character has been oppressed by his father, system, and poverty, but unfortunately, he takes that out on people. He is himself a prisoner if you think a little bit about it.

Yenis Monterrey: What can you tell me about the preparation for your role psychologically as an actor?

Michael Grant Terry: As an actor, I feel very lucky to have an incredible director. Valerie, our director, guided us and wanted us to work together closely and we did a lot of work before making the film such a table reading. We were in a lot of communication with each other. Bill was in NY and I was in LA.

Bill Sage is well known for his roles in Delinquent, AWOL, and Hap & Leonard. Sage recently starred in Sundance TV’s critically acclaimed series Hap & Leonard based on the novels by Joe R. Landsdale with James Purefoy, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Christina Hendricks.

Yenis Monterrey: Bill, you are playing “Bob” who is the machiavellian character in ‘The Archer.’ He is in fact very disturbing, anything you would like to share about the personal traits of your role as Bob?

Bill Sage.- Let me give you an extreme example, we have slavery in this country in the prison industrial complex and it’s a way of keeping a poverty class, not necessary a racial class or women, but keeping certain kind of individuals down. Bob is passing to his son what he previously learned from his father. He is part of a white male dominated culture that is embedded in him and he doesn’t realize that he is doing it about walking around with such a superiority and he feel entitled to his privileges.  I feel that this film brings a hidden message.

Interview with the Director of ‘The Archer’ Valerie Weiss

Yenis Monterrey: I like to review and interview films that bring a message to society and especially nowadays about the women power, I’m curious about your work and inspiration to make this incredible film with an extraordinary voice of empowerment for women, share with me your motivation?

Valerie Weiss: Emotional reality and authenticity are very important to me and for the work I do, whatever the genre whether it's comedy or action. I feel I haven’t seen a lot of action movies where I really understood the character or connect emotionally and I really wanted to make a film where you could connect; in addition, I wanted to develop one film where I knew what the main character is thinking about and all her choices and what’s her point of view about the violence in the movie. I wanted all of this to be part of one of my films, and make a very emotional action movie and a character drove action movie; that was my major goal in making the film like the ‘The Archer.’ I thought as a director I could bring something different and put my stamp on it. Everything from the casting of Bailey Noble who is, in fact, a tremendous actress, and she was very willing to go very deep with me with her character as Lauren, but also the rest of the cast was very involved in creating vibrant backstories for their characters. We have a series of elements on the film such a photography, choreography and we knew we wanted to make something very special that will stand out.

Yenis Monterrey: How do you feel about being part of the industry of film as a Female Director and specifically right now when it seems to be the year when women feel driven to speak up about their women power?

Valerie Weiss: I feel this is definitely the most exciting time to be a female director that I have ever experienced. I feel I’m working more, my friends feel they are working more, and I also feel incredibly respected by my collaborators and also for the people who hired me and most of all feel very empowered by them. I’m very grateful because I left a career as a scientist to make films and as a filmmaker, I don’t have the desire to make anything trivial. I feel grateful that everything I have ever made has allowed me to be myself and allows me to express my point of view. It’s really the most exciting part of being a director for me.

Yenis Monterrey: What I also liked about Bailey Noble as “Lauren Pierce” in ‘The Archer’ is that she looks physically like many women in America and very different than Jennifer Lawrence who looks so different from women in American, but she is so distinctive and that is probably why she gets all her big roles, and of course besides her great acting skills. I love the acting, personality of Bailey Noble and her commitment as an actress in each of her roles. She not only looks like many women in America but also like many women around the world. What attracted you to Bailey Noble to offer her the role?

Valerie Weiss: As a director, I was very driven to her strength and femininity, and I think that is very important to show.  After this film is out Bailey Noble will probably be considered a role model. It is very important to show in films that women can be strong and vulnerable, you can be insecure of yourself and be a hero.

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