The Amazing Spiderman: Is This A Repeat?

Amazing Spiderman

 I usually do not like remakes because most of the time, there's no reason to do a new version of an old story, but The Amazing Spiderman is amazing.  While much of the original story shapes this version there are many new subplots, more emotional moments,  and stories to follow and director Marc Webb has done as marvelous job of engaging us.   Presented to us by Marvel Entertainment and Executive Produced by the late Laura Ziskin, Avis Arad, Matt Tolmach and Stan Lee, by screenplay is by James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent and Steve Kioves with story by James Vanderbilt


Amazing Spiderman: Denis Leary as Captain of the Police

Starting out when Peter is a young boy, losing his scientist parents and being forced to live with his Aunt Mae (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) grows into a shy and often bullied by Splash (Chris Zylka), but in love with Gwen Stacy  (Emma Stone.)  While he, again, gets bitten by a spider while on a science tour, it's no longer an accidental situation as Peter, searching for information about his father, has come to find his father's old partner, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans.) 


The Amazing Spiderman: Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Unlike the other version, there is no best friend to confide in.  He tells Gwen early on who he is and must confront her father, the Captain of the Police (Denis Leary.)   Spiderman must go on a direct collision course with the Lizard/ Connors and makes life altering choices as he learns how to use his powers.   The romance between Peter and Gwen was much sweeter than the one with Peter and Mary Jane.  Mary Jane fell in love with Spiderman where as Gwen fell in love with Peter Parker.  Self assured, she rivals Peter intellectually whereas Mary Jane did not. 


The Amazing Spiderman: Director Marc Webb

It was cute how Stan Lee, one of the original creators of Spiderman, had his cameo. 


Amazing Spiderman:Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans villain was perfectly played - a flawed human with desires beyond his means. 


Amazing Spiderman: Sally Field and Martin Sheen as Aunt Mae and Uncle Ben with Andrew Garfield

It was important, apparently, to the filmmakers, to show a side of Peter Parker that had not yet been explored.   It gave him an emotional depth of suffering as an orphan and not knowing what happened to his parents.  (In fact, they use that opening as a possible sequel.) 


Amazing Spiderman: Peter Parker testing a theory

In a simple answer, no, it is not a repeat, it is infinitely better than the first episode.  Maybe it was because of the 3D, which made conversations more real and brought events closer.  The frames where Spiderman swung from the buildings and did his air gymnastics seemed so real, you could almost feel the wind flowing passed your face as you jumped with him.  There was not a glut of 3D visions, but, for the most part, a good balance. 


Amazing Spiderman: Emma Stone as Gwen

This new Amazing Spiderman in 3D uses the newest of technologies from 3ality Technica. The most advanced in the world, these systems, which generate the highest quality 3D,  are being used by many major producers and directors as Ridley Scott ( Prometheus), Peter Jackson, Bryan Singer, Baz Luhrmann.


Amazing Spiderman: Chris Zylka

Costumes designed by Kym Barrett and the exciting music by James Horner added to the enjoyment. 

The movie is rated PG 13 for sequences of action and violence.  It opens July 3, 2012 and should be a big hit with the comic movie goers.


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