The 6th Annual Toscar Awards - And the Toscar Goes To...

Like I mentioned to you guys before, I only said “Yes!” to all the Oscars related activities in Los Angeles. So, when I got the invitation to the Toscars, I was very interested. Then I did some research and found that this night’s promise was to make the audience realize that there’s always comedy behind dramatic movies, and we get to enjoy it on the big screen just like the Oscars.

When: February 19th 2013
Where: The Egyptian Theatre 

The Toscars are announced right after the Oscars nominations are public. Participants have only three weeks and a budget of $250 to make a short parody of the nominated films, which are played live in Hollywood and judged live by the celebrity judges. It is a chance for the entertainment industry to have a good giggle after hard working years in front or behind the spotlight. The nominations include 'Best Whactor', 'Best Whactress', 'Best Film' and more.This ceremony is a black tie affair, just like the Oscars!

Official judges: Janina Gavankar (True Blood), Rex Lee (Suburgatory),  Oscar Nominated Actor Eric Roberts, acclaimed directors Alek Keshishian (Truth or Dare, W/E and Love and Other Disasters)Walt Becker (Van Wilder and Wilde Hogs) and Hosted by Brian Dunkleman (American Idol). 

Janina Gavankar - Judge - True Blood

Eric Roberts

Craig Robert Young - Producer

Keaton Simmons performed a ‘one man with his guitar show’ to make the audience fall in love with his tunes and original songs. His voice was so good, it sounded if he had a backup chorus with him on stage. It was so great!

Tehmina Sunny in Toscars Parody Stargo and Argo

Alice Amter - The Big Bang Theory

Josh Sussman - Glee

Many celebrity guests were in attendance: Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond)Joanne Whalley, Josh Sussman (Glee),Stephen Kramer Glickman (Glee), Iqbal Theba (Glee), Lauren Potter (Glee), Tristan Macmanus (Dancing with The Stars), Tony Denison (Closer), Brea Bee (Silver Linings Playbook), Stephanie Erb (True Blood), Jill Michele Melean (Mad TV), Erin Cahil (ABC's Red Widow), Alice Amter (The Big Bang Theory), Shaun Parkes(The River and Davinchi's Demons). Crystal Reed (MTV's Teen Wolf), Kelly Hu (CW's Arrow), Jeanine Mason(So You Think You Can Dance), Tia Carrere (Dancing With The Stars), James Scott (Days of Our Lives),Martin Samuel (Academy Award Nominee), Craig Robert Young (NAVY NCIS), Kevin Buxbaum (Life of Pi Producer), Melanie Marr (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Jim Tavare (Comedian), Mark Rhino Smith(Argo), Tehmina Sunny (Argo).

So, this is the real Oscars night for the participants; they get to work hard, create, build locations and many more tasks overcoming lots of challenges due to their super limited budget of $250 with only 3 weeks of shooting. Each movie was 5 mins in duration.

FYI, celebrity guests at the Toscars included former James Bond George Lazenby and East Enders’ Sid Owen.

Leilani Dowding sparkled on stage as Miss Toscar.

Congrats To All Participants & Toscar Winners!

Miserable Lesbians Crew

Marina Paganucci - Best Toscar Film - Miserable Lesbians
Leah Allers - Best Whactress - Miserable Lesbians
John Alexander - Best Whactor - Breasts of the southern wild
Sandro Monetti - Best Scribbler and best Director - Miserable Lesbians
Natasha Sill - Best Supporting Whactress - Miserable Lesbians
Michael Enright - Best Supporting Whactor - Miserable Lesbians
Best Tunes - Guy Ross and Tamara Douglas-Morris - Skyfell (and I can't get up)
Leah Allers - Best Threads - Miserable Lesbians
People's pick - Miserable Lesbians

Lawrence Davis and Marilinda Rivera

Ps; Everyone should have a good laugh every day. Que Vivan los Toscars! 

Learn more at the Toscars Website

Photos courtesy of Jason Kumimura

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