"Terrible Love" World Premiere Austin Film Festival 2014.

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Terrible Love” has it's world premiere at Austin Film Festival 2014 on Thursday October 23, 2014 9:45pm - 11:30pm at IMAX Theatre and Sunday October 26, 2014 7:45pm - 9:40pm at Galaxy Highland 10 Theatre


The film “Terrible Love” is directed by Christopher Thomas and written by he and Luke Helmer. “Terrible Love” is the debut feature for Thomas and stars Amy Urbina and Rufus Burns. “Terrible Love” tells the story of "Rufus", a veteran who comes home from Iraq after suffering an injury to his eye. “Rufus” who is played by Rufus Burns brings back more than a physical injury to his family and his wife “Amy”, played by Amy Urbina. "Amy" is a devoted wife to their family, and the love they promised from the beginning of their relationship never leaves each other.


As time goes by the evidence of "Rufus’ PTSD" becomes clearer to "Amy." The promise of loving each other is put to the test when “Rufus” starts having trouble sleeping and starts being distressed by memories or images of the painful events he lived in Iraq. Nightmares of the events follow him and flashbacks, sweating, increased heart rate, and panic attacks becomes more frequent and intense.  Anger is often present in his behavior and “Amy” starts feeling sensitive and scared of her husband. “Rufus” becomes addicted to the drugs prescribed by his physician and he starts taking them in excess with alcohol to deal with his problem. "Amy" starts feeling isolated and unloved and as she looks for help, "Rufus" falls apart more each day. He isn’t collaborating or receiving the right treatment for his problem; instead, he overdoses and drinks alcohol to deal with his emotional pain. 



Find out what happens in this realistic story that many veterans deal with in real life. Director Christopher Thomas says his film was inspired by friends suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Don’t miss “Terrible Love” screening and find out the unveiling story behind this couple dealing with PTSD





First Time: 

Where: at the Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX Theater 

When: Thursday (10/23) 

Time: at 9:45pm 

Second Time: 

Where: Galaxy Highland 10 Theater 

When: on Sunday (10/26) 

Time: 7:45pm.


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